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Morning all! Greg and Rhian had a beautiful wedding in The Cotswolds, Cripps Barn is a SYGM favourite as they days there always looks so relaxed and gorgeous. For a September wedding, they were blessed with afternoon sunshine streaming in through the big barn windows, good food and merriment was had by all. Lots of gold, peaches, pastels and bunting make for such a pretty colour scheme…and Rhians dress. All the heart eye emojis!

Photography | Kevin Belson 

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-001 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-002 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-003 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-004 thebride

Dress was by Annasul Y from the White Collection in Clevedon, Bristol. Shoes were by Rachel Simpson

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Jewellery was earrings (a gift from Greg on the day), bracelet (gift from Greg’s mother) and my grandmother’s sapphire engagement ring.

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-005 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-006 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-007 theflowers

We had a fantastic florist in Claire from The Wilde Bunch. We trusted her implicitly and she did an incredible job. David Austin Sweet Juliet roses formed the centre of my bouquet. She also designed some slight unusual succulent based button holes for the Groom and ushers which everyone loved and commented on.

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-008 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-009 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-010 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-011 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-012 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-013 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-014 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-015 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-016 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-017 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-018 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-019 THEGROOM

Greg’s suit and waistcoat was by Ted Baker along with all the ushers’, with ties and shirts by Thomas Pink. All finished off with matching stripy socks. I bought Greg a pocket watch as a wedding day gift which looked fantastic with his waistcoat.

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-020 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-021 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-022 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-023 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-024 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-025 thehair&makeup

Make up by Emily Tarrant and hair was done by Bella Bridal Hair.

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-026 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-027 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-028 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-029 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-030 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-031 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-032 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-033 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-034 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-035 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-036 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-037 thebridesmaids

Bridesmaids’ dresses were Jenny Packham No.1 at Debenhams.

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-038 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-039 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-040 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-041 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-042 THECAKE

This was made by my sister (and bridesmaid) Cerian. It was based upon a birdcage and looked incredible. Each layer was different and we especially loved the red velvet which was a special request!

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-043 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-044 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-045 thefavours

Delicious macaroon wedding favours (from Patisserie Leila, Gloucester Road, Bristol)

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-046 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-047 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-048 thevenue

Cripps Stone Barn, Cotswolds

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-049 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-050 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-051 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-052 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-053 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-054 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-055 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-056 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-057 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-058 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-059 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-060 thedecor

We didn’t have a theme really. Loosely peaches, pastels and grey. We used a birdcage motif on the invites which we carried through onto the table plan and table names. Flowers were our main decorations, with two large hanging spheres of flowers in the stone barn where the ceremony took place in addition to milk churns full of flowers flanking the registrar. In the Dutch barn there was a stack of vintage crates overflowing with flowers as well as filled crates on the tables. Vintage birdcages full of flowers were hung from the ceiling to tie in with a motif of the invites and on the table names/seating plan. Added in were lots of other tiny details like vintage signs, personalized bunting and jars of marshmallows.

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-061 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-062 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-063 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-064 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-065 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-066 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-067 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-068 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-069 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-070 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-071 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-072 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-073 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-074 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-075 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-076 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-077 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-078 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-079 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-080 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-081 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-082 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-083 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-084 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-085 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-086 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-087 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-088 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-089 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-090 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-091 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-092 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-093 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-094 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-095 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-096 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-097 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-098 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-099 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-100 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-101 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-102 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-103 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-104 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-105 favouritemoment

There were so many highlights it is difficult to choose. The light flooding into the barn filled with beautiful flowers was incredible and truly memorable. We are also grateful that the sun decided to make an appearance during the day after a shower filled morning. It was great to hear all the laughter during the wedding breakfast and speeches, although the best man with his speech nearly managed to steal the show!

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-106 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-107 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-108 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-109 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-110 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-111 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-112 thefood&drink

Catering was by Cripps Kitchen who are a sister company of the venue. The food was incredible! We wanted the meal to be a social event and each of the courses had a sharing element. I’m vegetarian (along with a lot of my family) whilst the groom comes from a family of butchers so we had to have all aspects covered. We had a goats cheese salad or pork terrine to start followed by rib eye of beef (carved at the table by nominated friends and family in personalized aprons and chef’s hats) or French onion tart with potato dauphinoise and green beans. Dessert was chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. All finished with espresso martinis and macaroons.

In the evening we had pizza by Baz and Fred’s mobile pizzeria.

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-113 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-114 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-115 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-116 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-117 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-118 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-119 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-120 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-121 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-122 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-123 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-124 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-125 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-126 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-127 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-128 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-129 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-130 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-131 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-132 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-133 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-134 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-135 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-137 theentertainment

Most guests arrived via a vintage red route master bus, and we had a string quartet play during the reception and drinks. Throughout the day we had Oli from Spoolfrog wandering around recording our very own ‘Marryoke’ video. This proved immense fun both for those taking part and watching from a distance. Later in the day we had a photo booth in place of a typical guestbook and the Zu Zu Men provided the evening’s musical entertainment.

Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-138 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-139 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-140 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-141 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-142 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-143 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-144 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-145 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-146 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-147 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-148 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-149 Stone-Barn-Wedding-Photography-150advice

Early on we set aside an amount for the key features – venue, food, drink, photographer, and florist – which we booked first. We then tried to plan what extra things we want to have on the day and aim save money towards each as the planning went on. It’s fair to say that the budget ‘evolved’ as the planning went on, but it was worth every penny!

We splurged on flowers, saved on the wedding cake and decorations – thanks to Rhian’s sister and mum.

Make sure you do what you want to do and not what other people or what you think other people want you to do. Try and relax and just enjoy the day as it goes by in a flash!

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