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Hello…it’s me. I was wondering if you got engaged recentlyyyyyy? I thought that if you may be new around these parts you’d like a quick guide to the blog.

Not sure where to start! A bit about me? My name is Phoebe, I live in Leeds. Originally from Stamford, Lincolnshire. I moved up here in 2009 just before my own wedding in November of 2010. I met Michael on my first night out at university and that was that! We had a beautiful, traditional wedding in my hometown. It was lovely. Whenever anyone asks, yes I would change so much but at the same time, no I wouldn’t change a thing. Damn all this inspiration. 

There is a schedule to the blog which starts again next week. Mon – Weds features real weddings and travel, Thursday is Thirty under Thirty, Friday is all things beauty. Saturday will usually see one of our blogging brides posting about their current planning highs and lows and on Sunday evening I publish my weekend edit which is a personal post about what has happened the previous week, or just things I want to talk about.

I am a very straight forward person, honesty is always the best policy and that is what you will find here. I don’t have a favourite type of wedding, I just love it when there are happy faces, and the occasional happy dog. Our advice posts come from the heart, and will be written with you in mind. We don’t charge for social media shout outs so any recommendations you see across our channels are just because we love them/the brand.

I have been blogging for over five years, in that time I have published thousands of gorgeous weddings, hundreds of editorials and a fair few personal posts. There are few you may like to read:

You may notice that there are no adverts on the blog, that’s because I made this decision for the New Year.

I know first hand how stressful it can be planning and dealing with a wedding, I wrote all about my own struggles here.

My trend predictions and trends to abolish are always very popular posts. (2016 version up next week)

I am looking for a new blogging bride.

I know a lot of you may be planning on a budget so I do my best to feature a huge array of weddings, this includes a whole Real Wedding category dedicated to weddings under 10k

This honeymoon post on where to go and when can be quite helpful if you are in the early stages of looking at where you may like to go.

People often ask me (and they will ask you) how married life is, so I wrote a blog post. I also wrote about my first year of marriage, which wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

I have two other ladies that write for me, Emily who handles all the beauty and Rebecca who I send to most PR events down in London, she also covers all the honeymoon and travel posts.

If you are inclined to watching videos. You may enjoy this one where Michael did my make up.

You can follow us on instagram @phoebewedding, @rvk_loves and @lovemoimakeup or the @soyouregettingmarried account. You can also contact me at any time, whether it is to rant about my writing skills, ask wedding planning questions or suggest a supplier you think is worth shouting about. My email is phoebe(at)

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