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If you are a long term reader, and I mean like lonnngggg term you will have seen me mention wanting a new ring a couple of years ago, I think most recently was a mention during Married May last year. Well after so much deliberation I finally got a new one. It wasn’t an easy decision and I know a lot of you may be all “omg how can you do that” but here we are. 


Firstly, this ring is impossible to photograph, I need a better lens for a close up but you get the gist. Ok, so we got engaged in 2008. I was 21 and I guess my taste has just changed. Michael bought me a beautiful platinum 3 diamond ring from Dawsons of Stamford but five years later, and working in the industry I do, I’d seen other rings that I felt suited me more. I wear gold on my right hand so wanted a gold ring to match them really. picstitch-470x470

It is from Lumo Jewellery. I narrowed down my choice to this one and an Alex Monroe, I decided the stone in the Monroe was too big and wanted something discrete and delicate so went with Lumo. It is morganite with diamonds. I love that the morganite changes colour in different lights. From a lilac/blue/purple to a peachy pink. Augusta_Morganite_ring_crop_grande

The ring itself was easy enough to purchase. You need to know your ring size in US sizing. I am a J1/2 in the UK which is a 5.5. It took a couple of weeks to arrive and the price is all inclusive of VAT/shipping etc. What I was disappointed with was the packaging. There wasn’t even a branded note or a thank you slip. Michael had emailed them to change something so they knew it was an engagement ring, yet there wasn’t a congratulations or anything. I have had prettier packaging from Homebase. On the plus side, the ring fit perfectly.

My main reservations were the emotional/sentimental side of things. I would no longer be wearing the ring Michael proposed to me with. I have popped a random gold ring (its not, I stole it from my mum before university, don’t tell her!) as my wedding band, so thats not even the one that was used in the church. I have kept my old ring and band so I do still have them and I think that has been whats made it all seem OK. There was a point I was thinking about selling on my old rings, yes they are now just locked away but I can still get them out and stroke them should I want to.

I am now on the hunt for a really thin gold diamond eternity band. If you see one let me know. One like this, I love Otiumburg.

What do you think? Would you change? Do you want to? Have you?


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Diary of a Bride //

Beautiful! I know that my tastes changed over the years. I chose my ring when my husband proposed two years ago. But had it been 5 years ago I know I would have chosen something very traditional and ‘safe’. But in the last few years I feel I have developed my own style and I’m happy to be a bit different from the ‘norm’! My ring also has a morganite stone! Good choice!!! I suggest having a look at Astley Clarke for your eternity band… That’s where my ring is from, I’m already eyeing up my next purchase!! X

Lauren-Ashleigh //

My Mum wanted a new engagement ring when she married my step Dad as they had been engaged for 7 years (we told him they expired after 6 and he believed us) but she was scared of losing sentimental value. My Dad arranged for her ring to be cleaned before the wedding and unbeknownst to her had the diamond changed, so she had the same engagement ring just an upgraded version with a bigger and better quality diamond. The old diamond then went into my Dads wedding band. I personally dont think its the ring that holds the sentimental value but your memories. I love my engagement ring (its my dream ring) but I know as I get older tastes will change so if it no longer suited my style I would change it.

Christi //

Very beautiful ring. So, is that morganite sitting just underneath the diamond. I really like the colour and I bet it looks great in sunlight. ps. it’s the first time I hear about morganite..:)