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A while back I asked leading wedding stylist, vintage expert and general all round hair queen Flamingo Amy to help me to share with you some predictions for the trends she sees for wedding hair in 2016. We joined forces (as we very often do) to shoot some images with our gorgeous model Jenni to accompany this, and to illustrate the main hair story Amy sees for next year – texture.

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I asked bridal hair expert Amy to give me her thoughts on what she had seen and loved throughout 2015, and what she predicts will be the main bridal hair trend for 2016.

“The texture trend is still going strong and 2016 will see plenty more brides going for a more undone, softer look. As weddings are becoming more and more about personal style rather than conforming to a traditional ‘wedding look’, people are less afraid to look a little more like themselves – meaning that the ‘crispy curls’ of the 1990’s are now so far in the past they might almost be classed as vintage!  Many of my clients ask me to create a style that looks effortless (and, dare I say it)… almost looks as though the bride may have whipped up the do herself.  However soft, textured and effortless can be pretty effort-filled to achieve, as the structure can go astray and I’ll tell you how you can avoid this”



“Preparation of the hair is key to getting this look right. If you have very shiny straight hair, then a good salt spray should be used on dry hair first. I love Davine’s Salt Spray – it has a gorgeous vanilla scent. Using a salt spray does a couple of things – first of all it gives ‘grip’, so if you are putting it up it is more likely to stay in place. This ‘grip’ also helps to give the hair that beachy texture that is so popular right now, whether the hair is up or down.  There are lots of other texturising sprays out there at the moment – experiment on what works best for you as different hair types will get on better with different products. I have always loved and sworn by Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumising Powder (£3, Boots).

Generally these textured looks look great when the hair is up, in a tumbling side bun or in a chignon – still “bridal” but relaxed and elegant. Texture can work with a down style too as you can see in some of the images of model Jenni. If your own style is a little more bohemian, then brushed out fluffed up curls worn down can look amazing, think pre-Raphaelites and Kate Bush! The great thing with this style is it doesn’t rely on perfect neatness, so a little wind or heat on your wedding day won’t ruin your hair – if it becomes messier or bigger it will only enhance this feel!”


“With regards to accessorising your textured look anything goes – it purely depends on how ‘dressed up’ you want your hair to look. If you wanted something understated then go for just a small comb or pin. I don’t think a formal accessory looks incongruent with more relaxed looks style, if anything I think it enhances it. It’s also perfect for flower crowns, garlands and pieces which loop the head.”

I’d also add that in my experience there is an art to “undone done” hair, so if this is a look you love make sure you ask your wedding stylist for examples of this kind of work before you book to check it’s something they are comfortable with doing – it may be outside of the comfort zone of a more traditional wedding stylist.


Jenni Before and After

Amy has an amazing array of inspiration on her super organised Pinterest boards which is a one stop shop for bridal (and non bridal!) hair ideas. Have you thought about a textured look for your wedding hair? Oh, and if anyone wants makeup details I will post them on my Instagram, just let me know!

Emily x

Images ~ Model – Jenni Bloom, Makeup & Photography – Love Moi Makeup ( Me!), Hair – Flamingo Amy


Camilla Andrea Photography

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