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I thought I would do an updated post on this as I have now found the most delicious mulled wine recipe. It involves all of the below but I add one of these packs and maybe omit the cinnamon depending on how much you like that spice. What I also found was that just adding one of those packs to cider was also delicious. The balance of spices is spot on, genuinely haven’t found anything else that beats it so far!

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Another afternoon and another little something to make the cold nights warmer. I think mulled wine may be my favourite beverage. I served it at our wedding for arrival drinks which was quite lovely after 40 mins of photos in a wedding gown. I will often (bulk) buy mulled wine just bottled up ready to glug in to a pan, however after making it properly it definitely tastes better, and it can be altered to your preferences. 

Mulled wine ingredients

It will take you a couple of attempts until you get your flavourings right. My preferences –

Bottle of a good red (usually a rioja)

3tbsp of my Cardamom sugar 

Sliced orange and lemon

If you don’t make cardamom sugar throw some crushed pods in to the pan.

Sachets of Spices (omit all the above if you aren’t majorly in to the spiceyness!)


Throw everything in to a pan, stir for 3-4 mins then leave to warm through (never boil) for roughly an hour. Strain into another pan and warm up again, adding fresh lemons/oranges (and a glug of brandy).

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