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Last year I wrote a similar post which went down very well so I thought I would write another this year. I am one of these lazy people. I only enjoy crafting/baking when I know it will be easy or the effort seems worth it, i.e the marshmallows of yesterday. I also hate it when you have to go and buy loads of things that you may not own such as a sewing machine, a pom pom maker or some form of special ingredient only available online but takes 3 weeks to arrive.

1 – Hot Chocolate Baubles


You don’t really need instructions for this do you? Chuck everything in a clear bauble which you can pick up at most craft stores, ebay or amazon.

2 – Christmas Bird Seed Decoration


Obvs this isn’t going on your tree…it is going on the tree outside, for this birds. Let’s not be selfish this time of year, they want to get fat too. Instructions can be found here.

3 – Sugar Scrub


I have actually made sugar scrub before, it’s very easy and you can sub most things for what you already own, such as that bar of Pears soap still in its wrapper from 3 years ago. Instructions here.

4 – Putting a glitter stag head on anything


Doesn’t have to be a stag but it does have to involve glitter. Get out that pva glue and get cracking! Or you could follow this helpful lady’s instructions.

5 – Snowglobes 

easy christmas crafts

Every year I say I am going to make them with a little Atticus inside but I have never got round to it! Many methods can be found on good old google.

6 – Reindeer Food


Well this one is just adorable. If you were an 80s baby you will remember most Christmases spent watching Santa Claus. I remember that the reindeer were fed glittery food to help them fly. It would be so cute to watch the film then go and sprinkle out food for them so they know where to land. (This is for if you have children, I think doing this as a solo, drunk adult may warrant questioning, “u ok hon?”) Instructions here – but it’s basically porridge and glitter.

7 – Meringue Snowmen


Very easy to make, especially if you have a stand mixer. The link to the recipe was broke, but find a meringue recipe (preferable French meringue not Italian) large round nozzle on piping bag, or just snip a large hole. Bake at 100C for about 3 hours, but test to see if dry, then decorate.

8 – Decorative Ice Bottles


Um. Yes! Good old Jamie Oliver.

9 – Orange and Vanilla Whisky/Bourbon


If you do this at the weekend it will be ready for Christmas – New Year. Instructions here.

10 – Sparkly branches

Screenshot at Dec 10 14-12-16

Yeah, I have gone back to the glitter. Not hard, would look so pretty on a mantel or window sill, lots of different sizes in big old blue jars, perhaps with some eucalyptus or other foliage?

So there you have it, I think they’re varying levels of ease but nothing too strenuous. It really want quite the challenge trying to find crafts that weren’t just children’s hand prints on everything.

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