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I put a little sneak peek on instagram on Sunday of some marshmallows I made. My neighbour Shirene has been attempting to make them for the past couple of months. She brought a lovely raspberry batch round last month so I asked her if she would help me make some. There are so so many recipes, and so many methods. This one finally worked for us on the second attempt, so it’s the one I am sharing today. They are actually surprisingly easy but you need to just pay attention.

Photography | Phoebe Miller 

Before you even read on, you need a silicon baking tray. If you don’t have one you won’t get perfect mallows. We ended up using foil trays on the second attempt but they weren’t deep enough to get them really pillowy. If you still want to have a bash use plastic Tupperware, or something that can be snipped up (like the foil).

The recipe we used was American (watch this beforehand), so we had to find what corn syrup actually is, and cups to grams. What a mission. Corn syrup is liquid glucose (we got ours from Tesco so I assume it can be easily found!) and I ended up buying some cups. But 1 cup of sugar is 200g.

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Get everything out and measured before starting. Also, read through the recipe once or twice or watch the video linked above.

What you will need:

Silicon Baking Tray

Large pan

Mixer (you could use a hand whisk but it will take longer)

Sugar Thermometer if you have one (we got better results without!)

3 sachets of unflavoured gelatine (if you are vegetarian/vegan you can sub for animal free)

2/3 cup of corn syrup/ liquid glucose (which ended up being one and a half of those tubes)

Cooking spray

Half a cup of water – about 100mls in a jug

Another half a cup of water in a glass.

2 cups of granulated sugar (400g)

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1tbsp Vanilla extract

Your flavourings of choice – we used a few drops of peppermint. Could add raspberries/rose/salted caramel etc.

Food colouring (if you want)

Corn flour and icing sugar. Just a few tbsp of each in a big bowl. This will be needed once it’s set.

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Firstly. Prep your pan. So if thats a fancy silicon mould, spray with a little cooking spray as this will help them slip right out. If its foil trays/Tupperwear/antique copper pans, make sure you grease them up well.

Add your 3 sachets of unflavoured gelatine to the water in the jug. Let it sit for about 10 minutes so it looks like the picture below. When it is ready add to a large bowl or the bowl of your mixer.

In a big pan, add the liquid glucose, the other half cup of water and the sugar. Bring the mixture up to boil on a high heat. Keep whisking. When it reaches a fast, hard boil, keep going for a one minute (temp will be around 120C) then take off and add to your gelatine in the bowl. It makes a lovely crackling noise. Add in the salt. Add the vanilla extract and your flavourings. Mix!
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I think the only complicated bit of making marshmallows is knowing when to stop whisking. The mixture will go white and thick, it should look pourable and not too stringy. If it’s stringy you may have over-whipped. It took our stand mixer about 4-5 mins. Hand mixer, about 10. Dip in your finger and put a little mixture on your work surface, leave for 10 seconds then touch. If your finger can pull up just a little then its done, if it feels too wet then a couple more minutes should do the trick.

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Pour half the mixture in to your vessel of choice. Add a few drops of food colouring and swirl around. Add the rest of the mixture, add a few more drops of food colouring and swirl. This will give you that candy cane look.

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The first batch was too stringy which resulted in chewy and non fluffy marshmallows. They still melted well in hot chocolate so do not fear if yours decants looking like this.

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Leave to dry out. Usually about 3 hours but can be left over night and sorted the next day.

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The cling film stuck to the bottom. This batch was a right off. We snipped off the plastic where we could so we could at least eat a few!

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Glitter makes everything better.

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The second batch decanted lovely and glossy. The mixture poured then settled quickly, we knew we had nailed it this time, just a shame they weren’t deep enough.

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Once it has set, it is time to get your mallows out of their home. Use as much cornflour/icing sugar mixture as you like to help this. Flour up some scissors and snip in to cubes. Flour them all and put in an air tight container!

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Please let me know if you make them and if you have any problems/tips/fun flavours. Tag them in to #SYGMchristmas!

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