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Good afternoon! Hows your week going so far? I keep meaning to update you all on whats going on behind the scenes. We have decided not to sell for a while and buy a new kitchen and bathroom…yeah I know. We have had someone come and measure up and tonight we are going to go and look at samples, tiles and other bits. Not actually sure what I want but I will snapchat (phoebemillerz) all the ones I like. We are due to start at the beginning of February so this is our last christmas with a boring bathroom and cream plastic kitchen. Woo!

Any who! On to christmas offerings!

how to dry out hydrangeas

Firstly, you will need to dry out your hydrangeas, there is still time to do this. Make sure you cut them from the plant when it is a dry day and you can see that the petals are slightly on the crispy side. I have found that if you cut them on a wet day they just wilt. I don’t use any water. I put them straight in to an airy vase and within a few days they will have dried, within a week or so they are perfect. I always wait till they have started to turn on the plant as I am not a major fan of how bright pink they are. They dry to a purple/inkish blue hue. So beautiful.

how to dry out hydrangeas

After you have your flowers you will need to choose a scent. I opted for The White Company Winter, but it you have any room spray it will work. You don’t want to get the petals too wet so the trick is to spritz lightly, wait, then spritz a couple more times. I find that the scent stays for a couple of weeks then will need just a little touch up but sometimes I wonder if thats because I am used to it. The smaller tube of spray lasted me a whole year, including spraying round the house, so the larger 100mls should last a very long time indeed, and worth it for £15. 

how to dry out hydrangeas

I had to resist the urge to spray these gold and sprinkle glitter on them, but I think that may be a project for another time.

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