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We asked the lovely people at if they had any tips on planning the perfect engagement party. I didn’t actually have an engagement party, we had a sort of joint family meal so that everyone could meet properly, but no party. I think 6/7 years ago it was still seen as quite the American tradition but I am so glad we have adopted this one. I agree with the gifting point though, I think there should be a no-gift policy, everyone is there just to enjoy a glass of something and toast your happiness.

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Planning the Perfect Engagement Party

Are you over the moon about getting engaged? Then what better reason to throw a fabulous party! On a practical side, engagement parties ideal for introducing all your important people to his. Plus the experience of preparing a smaller event now will really help you with wedding planning later., the stylish London online jeweller specialising in diamond engagement rings and bridal jewellery, has prepared this handy guide to help you plan a perfect engagement party.


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1. When?

It might sound like a no-brainer, but the ideal time to have an engagement party party is not too close to your wedding. Ideally, you should have it within two months of your engagement. That’s when you’re still on an emotional high after the proposal, but W-day planning isn’t in full swing yet.

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2. Who hosts?

Traditionally the bride’s parents host the engagement party. However, if that’s not possible then it’s perfectly OK for the groom’s parents or the couple to host it. If you want to keep things informal you can also ask a friend, just making sure you help them cover any costs.


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3. Lunch or cocktails?

Actually, you don’t have to do either. Anything is allowed. This is the perfect time to let your creativity run free, so book a wine tasting day, throw a luxury picnic, get DIY crafty with your bridesmaids… or make your dad’s day by letting him host a barbecue in the back garden.

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4. Who to invite?

According to etiquette you should invite everybody going to your wedding. If that suits you, then this is the perfect time to plan your final wedding guest list. But if a large party isn’t practical, ask a friend to host a smaller one. Ask them to send invites on your behalf to closest family and friends only. That way you can still have both your important people there, while the invitation etiquette is tactfully taken care of by someone else.


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5. Who should do the toasts?

Once your party is happening, there’s the matter of toasts. Here it’s best to follow tradition. First the bride’s father toasts you and your fiancé. Then, your fiancé should toast his bride, followed by her parents, and his own mum and dad. Finally, the couple should thank the hosts.

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6. Gifts?

Engagement party gifts aren’t usually the done thing, but your friends may still get together to buy you that espresso maker you’ve been hankering after. Let them. Smile, say thank you and give them a big hug. They’re just in the mood to celebrate your good news.


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7. Thank you letters

If your parents or friends hosted the party, it’s nice to show them appreciation by taking them out to dinner a few weeks later. And most of all, in this age of emails and Facebook, picking up pen or the phone to thank your guests for coming will feel really special.

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Clara King //

This is such a handy post if you’ve recently got engaged! My best friend came across Scarlet Events recently and their portfolio looks amazing She’s really considering them to plan her wedding reception for her as she finds those kind of things super stressful.

Biye bazaar //

Engagement parties should be different and distinct than the wedding itself. If one is not planning a surprise proposal, then it they should definitely follow these tips.