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Morning!! How was the weekend? Mine was a total and utter fail but I will do a life update probably on Weds or Thurs this week. At least we are back in the world of pretty weddings? I think that is one thing I truly do love about my job, every week is filled with pure happiness and looking through hundreds of images can only ever make me feel joy! Shout out to Twobirds Bridesmaid dresses, a SYGM favourite and always look so so beautiful, of course it does help that Laura’s girls are all so gorgeous! Enjoy, and have a happy Monday.

photography | Kevin Belson

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-001 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-002 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-004 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-008 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-009 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-010 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-011 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-012 theflowers

Our flowers by Flaura Boutique in Bournemouth.

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-013 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-014 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-015 thebride

My lovely dress! I fell in love with my dress immediately. It was a ‘ you’ll know when’ moment. I bought my dress from ‘A Bride to Bee’ in Southampton. The dress was called Dabra by Enzoani Blue. I never dreamed I’d choose one so big but I felt amazing in it.

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: I wore a Tiffany bracelet that Tom had bought me as a gift for the morning.

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-016 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-017 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-018 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-019 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-020 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-021 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-022 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-023 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-024 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-025 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-026 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-027 THECAKE

Our cake was made by Jenny at Coast Cakes. She was an old neighbour from my childhood and it was lovely to have her make our beautiful cake for us. It was perfect, three tiers. Lemon, vanilla and chocolate with fresh flowers in between the layers.

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-028 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-029 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-030 thedecor

We decorated the Mill with bits we had bought the previous trips to wedding fayres and bits we had found. Our lovely wedding planner Jasmine put the finishing touches to the Mill on the day.  We did a lot ourselves. We painted my grannies old decorating ladder and turned it into a Polaroid camera station. This was such a success and we got some fabulous memories. We also made a canvas with our wedding date on for our guests to sign. We bought selfie sticks for each of our tables during the wedding breakfast. It was amazing watching everyone waving around sticks during the meal.

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-031 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-032 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-033 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-034 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-035 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-036 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-038 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-039 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-040 thevenue

Sopley Mill, Hampshire

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-041 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-042 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-043 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-045 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-046 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-047 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-048 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-049 thebridesmaids

My lovely bridesmaids wore Twobirds dresses.

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-050 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-051 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-052 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-053 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-054 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-055 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-056 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-057 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-058 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-059 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-060 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-061 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-062 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-063 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-064 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-065 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-066 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-067 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-068 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-069 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-070 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-071 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-072 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-073 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-074 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-075 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-076 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-077 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-078 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-079 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-080 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-081 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-082 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-083 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-084 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-085 thefood&drink

We used Marlins catering for our wedding reception and evening food. The food throughout the day was delicious. We had the choice of tomato soup or prawn cocktail for starter. Chicken breast with dauphinoise potato or Sausage and mash potato. For desert we had a choice of Lemon tart or profiteroles. For the evening we had a selection of snacks burgers, sausages and bacon baps. We had a vintage crepe van for the evening which was so amazing!!

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-086 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-087 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-088 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-089 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-090 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-091 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-092 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-093 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-094 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-095 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-096 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-097 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-098 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-099 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-100 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-101 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-102 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-103 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-104 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-105 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-106 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-107 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-108 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-109 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-110 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-112 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-115 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-117 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-119 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-120 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-122 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-123 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-124 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-125 favouritemoment

The highlights were seeing all my bridesmaids dressed together for the first time. Seeing Tom at the end of the aisle and generally having the most amazing day. We really wouldn’t change a thing.

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-126 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-127 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-128 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-129 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-130 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-131 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-132 thehoneymoon

We had the most fantastic honeymoon. We went to Mexico for 2 weeks. We swam with whale sharks, released turtles into the sea and got the chance to dive in underground caves!

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-133 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-134 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-137 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-138 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-139 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-140 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-141 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-142 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-143 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-144 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-145 theentertainment

We used a company called ‘We Perform’ for our evening DJ. We also used a fabulous photo booth company called Boxphoto booths. We chose the rustic garden set up.

Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-146 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-147 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-148 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-149 Sopley-Mill-wedding-photographer-150advice

Make sure you take 10 minutes away alone. We went for a walk out to the garden when our guests were finishing their deserts. It was lovely to take some time to spend time alone.

Where did you find your inspiration? We wanted a very relaxed day spent with our closest friends and family. We wanted to put our own spin on the wedding and do as much as we could ourselves. After looking round a few venues we saw Sopley on a website but found out it had been closed down. The next week we heard through the grapevine the Mill was being renovated. We emailed the owner David and went to look around while it was still a building site and fell in love. We put down our deposit there and then!


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