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Last week I took a trip to Otaduy’s gorgeous new London pop up showroom and boy was it full of pretty! From the moment I walked in and saw the gowns hanging from suspended branches, I knew I was going to love the dresses.

The brand was born on a top-floor apartment on Keap Street, NYC one summer night with friends, music and photographs. The idea evolved until it finally took form in 2011 in Barcelona. “Our firm takes its inspiration from moments like these -snapshots that remain- and also from those little things we enjoy doing such as taking an espresso in a glass cup, wearing red lipstick to go to the cinema or riding a bike while listening to music on a mild spring night. Our collections are designed to celebrate a special date or any date that deserves to be celebrated.”

The dresses, which are all handmade in Barcelona have a romantic bohemian vibe to them which stands them apart from other bridal designers. They’re modern and fun yet still incredibly elegant. Otaduy have created a unique look where they’ve crossed a “rebellious wild child with a light delicate princess bride”. What a formidable combination! There’s a focus on delicate open backs, silk and the prettiest beading. Being handmade, every dress is completely unique to each bride.

“Its not another love story. It is your love story -imperfect, special, different from what you had imagined and, in fact, far better than what you thought. And there you are. Today is the big day and everybody is there. People you love. People who love you. And, of course, as nervous as you are, that he or she who has made it all worthwhile. You want him or her to look at you and think exactly that -that it was all worthwhile. But, what’s more important, you want him to look at you. You. Not a cold dummy, not a girl locked into a pompous wedding dress, or the woman that your parents expect you to be. Just you. In your own version of the princess bride; light and delicate. Or maybe like the wild child you are; rebellious, elegant, mischievous… Yes, you can wear whatever you want -dressed in white and wearing leather boots, or wearing braids and a flower crown. You can wear satin or a lace dress, an open back dress or paint your nails black. It is your day. You set the rules. Or even better, you both set the rules. Because this is a tale of two people. A story that started with the first I love you and now continues with that I do. Like most good things in life, it’s a bit frightening, but you also know that it’s always worth taking the risk.”

What a lovely way to think about your wedding. Otaduy have it nailed. Ok, I know your itching to see the collection, go go go!


The new shop is in Camden, North London at the back of an old Victorian terrace. A perfect space to try these beautiful gowns on.

Birdy: This is my favourite I think. A delicate, natural wedding dress. It’s relaxed yet sophisticated and the back is filled with flowers and delicate buttons going down the skirt.

birdy birdy_01

Half Moon: This is formed with two pieces, there’s a Moon skirt that’s flared and made from lace. And then it’s mixed with two different half crop tops depending on which one you prefer.


Mia: A summery shimmery dress covered in beautiful beaded floral brocade all over. I love the open oval back and simple button at the top.

mia mia_01

Alt J: A full-length gown in a waist cut, with short sleeves and a lace body.

ALTJ ALTJ espalda ALTJ detalles espalda

Bardot: A beach spirited silk chiffon dress with a V neck. The back is made by lace double breasted braces.

BARDOT detalle espalda BARDOT espalda BARDOT  HALF MOON

Feist: A romantic wedding dress with an underwaist cut. On the front the top is formed by a rib body and it has a sheer back. There are lace details on the waist and flounce sleeves.

FEIST FEIST detalles espalda FEIST espalda Feist Press2

Major Lazer: A bohemian chic wedding dress formed by the Major skirt and Lazer top. Embodied organza with vintage style jewels.

MAJOR LAZER detalles espalda MAJOR LAZER espalda


These are just a handful of the beautiful gowns that Otaduy have designed but you can find out more {and swoon over more gowns} on Otaduy’s website here and get details of the London showroom for trying some of these pretties for yourself by emailing london@otaduy.co

Which is your favourite? I love how they’re equally suited to the English countryside as they would be on a beach.

R <3 xx

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