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Before I went to the Caribbean, I was asked if I wanted to try Ultrasun suncream. I’m a full on sun worshipper, I love love love to sunbathe, feel those warm rays and I look so much better when I have a tan. But equally I’m very aware at how ageing and dangerous the sun can be. My husband actually got treated for minor skin cancer earlier this year, he’s always been careful in the sun but has fair skin so is more prone to skin damage. Despite loving a tan, I always wear suncream. And if you apply it right, with an SPF suited to your skin {I start with a high factor at the start of a holiday especially if it’s at the start of the season and my skin hasn’t seen any rays for a few months but then after a couple of days drop down to a 20 or 15 as my skin tends to tan well. My husband would never wear anything less than a 30 though}, you’ll enhance your tan rather than getting burnt and peeling. In the past I’ve always bought what’s on offer in Boots and mostly dreaded applying it – so greasy and so white! So for me to find a suncream that doesn’t stain your holiday white dresses or leave you all sticky whilst keeping your skin protected and still getting a great tan is a miracle. I’m now a convert!

Ultrasun is made by a Swiss company to Australian standards which are much higher than European levels. As such, there’s a small range of high quality suncreams that allow you to enjoy the sun safely. All of the products are oil-free, perfume-free, UV stable and water-resistant. And it goes without saying that you’ll be protected against both UVA and UVB rays from the sun which prevents both damage to under the skin as well as being anti-ageing. It suits all skin types but is made especially for very sensitive skin. I was reading about what others thought of the sun-cream on the reviews for John Lewis and even the JoJo Maman Baby website and all the reviews state how it’s literally the only suncream brand on the market not to aggravate eczema and other skin conditions for both children and adults.

Most of the suncream needs only one application at the start of your day and whilst swimming will give you all-day protection. It will protect you even after towel drying and showering without re-application. Neither my husband and I burned, or even got the teeniest bit of pink, skin whilst in the Caribbean and the sun was really strong there. We saw a fair few lobsters walking around Barbados! We tried the sports 20 range which is a gel for everyday beaching and my Husband used the high SPF50+ for his face which had the added bonus of preventing wrinkles and reducing pigment damage.

My favourite was the Ultrasun Glimmer20 that has some shimmer in it. It’s only a tiny bit of sparkle, it makes you look more radiant than glittery but protects your skin, moisturises without being oily {they’re all oil free} and crucially wouldn’t stain a wedding dress! This range would be perfect for Bride’s getting married on the beach and would sit well under make-up. I really loved this and will definitel be using this for going out in the evenings on future trips.

At night, after cleansing, I used the overnight summer skin recovery mask that will soothe your skin after being in the sun all day. It’s good for repairing your skin although I then put my normal night cream over the top still. I’ve just researched some of their other products and I love the sound of pre-sun tan optimiser which has antioxidants to prepare your skin for the sun and enhances your natural tan without any fake orange peely stuff! Think that will be next on my list to try.

I’d say the only drawback with it is the price. A bottle is typically upwards of £20. It does feel like quite a lot more than the suncream brands I’d usually buy. But it’s quality over quantity and a small bottle does go a long way – especially the Glimmer for your face. The other great thing is that the shelf life on all products after opening is two whole years against an average of six to twelve months. So it will last for a couple of trips safely and again makes it better value for money. You can purchase online from a number of places but you’ll find out more with the main website here, {and whispers – I’ve heard you can even grab it at a discount on QVC!

What are your favourite suncream brands? Do you tan easily?

R <3 xx

{I was sent these products to try but as always all opinions are my own and I would never promote something I wouldn’t buy myself}

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