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Syon House-37

Jan and Keira are from Singapore but met as students in the UK and came back here to marry. They chose the sensational venue of Syon Park. It has been used to film The Great British Bake Off, Downton Abbey and plenty more, what is even better for you southerners is that it can be found just outside of London. Jan and Keira’s wedding day was full of Chinese tradition mixed with their love of Britain. They used traditional colours of purple and gold mixed with the heritage details of the venue. Very elegant and pretty.

Imagery by Ian Messenger Photography 

Syon House-1 Syon House-2 thebride

It was a custom made dress of full laced sweetheart mermaid cut dress with a 1.5 metre train. I was lucky to have met a talented dressmaker who went through countless rounds of design consultations and gave me ideas of what suited my petite frame and body shape. I was insistent on full laced dress as I just love the soft and romantic feel of it. Other details of the low cut back were suggestion from the dressmaker which I left it to her creativity! From Allure Bridal

Shoes were from Betty Muller

Syon House-3 Syon House-4 Syon House-5 Syon House-6 Syon House-7 Syon House-8 Syon House-9 Syon House-10 Syon House-11 Syon House-12 Syon House-13 Syon House-14 Syon House-15 Syon House-16 Syon House-17 Syon House-18 Syon House-19 Syon House-20 Syon House-22 Syon House-23 Syon House-24 thevenue

Syon House, Syon Park in West London

Syon House-25 Syon House-26 Syon House-27 Syon House-28 Syon House-29 thebridesmaids

Dresses were also from Allure Bridal.

Syon House-30 Syon House-31 Syon House-32 Syon House-33 Syon House-34 Syon House-35 theflowersThe flowers were picked up Liberty

Syon House-36 Syon House-37 Syon House-38 Syon House-39 Syon House-40 Syon House-41 favouritemoment

That’s when we get to mingle with our guests over food and drinks. Being surrounded by the people who matters to us was a key consideration for our wedding and always good to see/hear that people are enjoying themselves at our celebration!

Syon House-42 Syon House-43 Syon House-44 Syon House-45 thedecor

We wanted to incorporate our Chinese cultures into the wedding as that reflects our background being both from Singapore but met and lived in the UK for a significant part of it. That’s reflected in the wedding favours we prepared for our guests with the double happiness box of goodies. Other than that it was keeping it simple for a theme colour of purple and gold which carried through to the wedding invitation cards, bridesmaids and groomsmen attire for the day!

Syon House-46 Syon House-47 Syon House-48advice

Set aside plenty of time to plan! Have a draft of milestones to complete certain crucial tasks – set a date, draft up the rough guest list as that will determine your venue with consideration of budget too, secure the venue at the earliest opportunity (takes a lot of stress off). The nitty gritty details to be honest guests appreciate but don’t recall that much! Most importantly remember this is the biggest party you and your partner will host so keep to the basics to ensure you and your guests are having a good time too. Be paranoid too during the planning and think of some backup plans for the bridal party to implement. Let go of some of the smaller details and delegate tasks to friends and families too!

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