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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Afternoon! Pretty girl, pretty photography, pretty lingerie. What is not to love about this shoot? I am always a little hesitant when it comes to boudoir and I only publish what I feel is right for the blog. This is about showcasing the lingerie and Julie’s talent. Bridal lingerie for me is a tricky subject. I want to show those of you that want to see it, some of the pretty options you can wear with your dress, or the night of, but I also want to express that really, it doesn’t matter what you wear and peeling yourself out of beige Spanx at 1am is perfectly OK too.

Imagery and wording by Julie Michaelsen


Someone very wise once told me that in order to truly love another we must first learn to love ourselves… My boudoir sessions are about just that. It’s not just about having images taken for your husband, boyfriend or fiancé (although it does make for a very original and cheeky gift! Gift certificates are available on my My boudoir sessions are a celebration of beauty and authenticity… Boudoir for me does not mean crass or tacky posing or harsh lighting but soft and gentle suggestive feminine imagery with lots of natural light.


I hold my boudoir sessions in a beautiful and luxurious private residence in Holland Park where upon arrival my ladies are greeted with a glass of bubbles (for courage), a bottle of water (for hydration) and some fresh fruit (for stamina, modelling is harder than it looks!)


While hair and make up is being expertly carried out by an excellent hand picked artist I will sit and chat with my ladies to make sure they understand that they are in control of every aspect of the shoot. They set the boundaries and I am there to help them look and feel beautiful, elegant, feminine and sensual!


I guide my ladies through poses in a directive but gentle manner, often demonstrating myself what I’m looking for. The whole experience is invigorating! You’ll be nervous I’m sure (I would be too!) but the feedback I receive is always really positive and my clients find the shoots to be really fun and less scary than expected!

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Photographer: Julie Michaelsen Photography

Floral Crown: BlueSkyFlowers

White Bridal Lingerie: Pompadour Lingerie

Model –  Cirque du Soleil singer Vedra Chandler


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