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IMG_0253Good morning all! So, here is our new blogging bride! Meet Emily. After the amount of submissions we received, I have decided to accept more than one. I will email you by the end of the week, so keep an eye on your inboxes and the blog. I always get so blown away with how wonderfully unique and individual you are with your wedding plans, I really do wish I could share them all!!

Hello everyone! I’m Emily, and I’m so thrilled to have been chosen by Team SYGM as the new blogging bride. After four years of mostly long-distance dating, my fiancé Ben popped the question on a visit to Copenhagen this past July. Like most brides, I dove into wedding planning headfirst as soon as I got back from the trip. Unlike most brides, though, I’ll be doing the bulk of the work long-distance: while Ben’s a trainee solicitor in London, I’m American and am currently working in publishing in New York. I’ll be joining Ben in London a few months before our August 2016 wedding, but between now and April or May I’ll likely only have a week or so in the UK to visit venues, check out caterers, and meet the rabbi who’ll be officiating. Oh, and did I mention I’ll be going through UK immigration while all of this is going on? It’s going to be a crazy year—but, I think, an amazing one too, and I’m so glad to have the chance to share it with the SYGM community.


Ben and I met in 2011 while I was doing a master’s in nineteenth-century literature in the UK, just before I was meant to head home after submitting my thesis—a mutual friend introduced us at a dinner, and an hours-long conversation on the merits of everything from Virginia Woolf to my home state of California turned into a whirlwind first month together involving a beach house on the Isle of Wight and a spur-of-the-moment trip to Paris. Ben had just finished his GDL at the time, and I ended up moving into his (and his family’s—whoops!) house for a fabulous three months before eventually heading back to the States. Ever since, we’ve been doing the long-distance thing as Ben’s pursued his legal career in the UK, and though we’ve had our ups and downs we’ve come out of it a stronger couple—and we can’t wait to be able to live in the same country again!


I’m not going to pretend it isn’t hard being apart for most of our engagement, but I’m keeping busy planning a multi-week dress shopping extravaganza, pulling DIY décor ideas, checking out every wedding book in the New York Public Library, baking trial wedding cakes, and, most urgently, searching for venues in the greater London area that capture that Bake Off tent aesthetic (you know, barns, bunting, maybe a sheep or two in the background)—I’d love a countryside wedding, but we’re leaning against one in the interest of making things easier on our international guests and car-less London friends. I have several dozen promising locations bookmarked, but narrowing them down to one is going to be a challenge—especially as I’ll probably only be able to squeeze in a few visits before we’ll need to make up our minds.


Ben’s been quite busy starting his training contract this past month, but he’s not off the hook either—he’s working on lining up our officiant and finding us an immigration lawyer, plus patiently providing feedback every time I find a promising new venue (which, let’s be honest, happens just about daily). He’s an amazing partner, in wedding planning and in life, and I’m trying to focus on that when I get down about some of the limitations posed by our somewhat unusual situation.

So that’s my story. Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll continue following my adventures through the brave new world of transatlantic wedding planning!

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