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I was going to put this in My Weekend Edit but then realised some people may not read it so thought it should have its own blog post. I put the call out in December of last year asking for blogging brides. I was lucky enough to find Vanessa and Julia. Vanessa has now flown the SYGM nest (sneak peek at her in tonights weekend edit) so I need a new lovely lady to fill her place.

I remember when planning that whilst I loved all the real weddings I also loved reading about girls in the same position as me. Not only will you be doing a bit of blogging for us, you will be sent on wonderful trips (often with your other half or friend, Vanessa went to an incredible craft day at Etsy, and a pamper session), sent items for review and hopefully have a wonderful planning experience. You will also have access to all the fantastic suppliers I have met over the years, and can recommend on a personal level. You may also be asked to feature in the new SYGM podcast, you by no means have to though!

So what do you think? If you’re getting married between Jan – Aug 2016 and would like to be a SYGMbride then all you have to do is email phoebe@soyouregettingmarried.com (subject SYGMbride) and tell me a little about yourselves, the date of your wedding, how far you are with your planning and also feel free to attach a picture of the both of you. Knowledge of WordPress, Social Media and being a normal human are preferred. Dog ownership is optional. You don’t have to be the greatest writer in the world (hell, I am terrible but you are all so kind to put up with that) I am merely looking for enthusiasm and someone who embodies the typical SYGM bride. I am not quite sure what that is, but I will know when I read it.

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