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So here it is. This time next week I’ll be (hopefully) not too pissed and enjoying the most amazing day of mine and James’ lives. We will have done it all and will be spending the evening dancing with our loved ones.

Our wedding is now less than a week away. It’s here, and even writing those words feels totally surreal. I’ve spend the last few weeks wondering how I’d feel so close to the day and now I’m wondering how I’ll feel when it’s all over?!

I’ve been taken away for my hen do, taken out for several champagne afternoon teas, taken on a fab work night out, surprised by James’ work friends and spoilt my my best friend to a fab night out with plenty of cocktails. It’s been a fantastic whirlwind and in a totally selfish way I’ve loved it being all about me!!

The final preparations are in full swing; there’s not too much left to do and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling relatively calm. Our house resembles a wedding prop hire warehouse and if I never have to tie another ribbon or write any more names in my best calligraphy it’ll be too soon! I’ve had my meltdown moments – mainly because I’ve been overloaded with work and coming home to the chaos can send me into a bit of a spin!

My dress is at home ready to be steamed. All other bits and pieces have been bought and I’m fairly sure that come the day I’ll know which one of my four (yes four) pairs of shoes I’ll wear!

It’s a very odd feeling knowing that our day is so close. It’s actually very hard to describe. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t stressed. I’m a bit grouchy every now and again and the thought of anyone helping by doing their allocated job incorrectly makes me just decline hell and take the job on myself. In fact I’d say that’s been my biggest down fall. Delegation. I’ve literally not let anyone help with anything. I’m a complete perfectionist and quite honestly I’d rather do it all myself. Crazy I know but doing it myself gives me more peace of mind than if I’d given the job to someone.

The offers of help are brilliant and I’m so grateful. I’ve tried where I can but like I said, I’m basically a control freak.

We’ve also starting receiving gifts which is so amazing. People are so sweet and so generous. It’s lovely.

My fabulous friend Sam who works for Jo Malone even organised  a bridal scent session for me. It was truly lovely. I was treated to an exfoliating and moisturising hand and arm massage, champagne and chocolates. Heaven! I chose the peony & blush suede moisturiser paired with an earl grey & cucumber cologne. It sounds a little odd but combined it smells divine! She’s even gone all secret squirrel on me and has organised for my scents to be delivered to me on the day!

It’s now that I’m recognising that taking it a little easier is really beneficial. Early nights, good food, lots of water and keeping my skin nice and hydrated. A few weeks ago I even tried out reflexology. I was asked by Rebecca if I’d like to try it out as she had been contacted by the Association of Reflexologists. Having never had it myself but being told by my mum who has had several sessions that it’s fantastic I eagerly agreed. I was booked in with Juliet who owns – an absolutely lovely studio she runs from her beautiful home just round the corner from me. Juliet was so friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. She asked me about any health issues I have and asked me to tell her what I’d like to achieve through the session – eg if I thought there were specific areas of my body I should be looking after better. The session was an hour long. I was a little nervous as I’m not a huge fan of my feet being touched – it was totally amazing. I was instantly so relaxed and calm. My mind drifted away to a place where wedding talk and wedmin didn’t exist. Heavenly!
Once the session was over Juliet described what her findings were. She identified that my shoulders were tense – she’s very right there and that my sternum was an area that she had identified, that is where anxiety and stress manifests. I really enjoyed the experience and I can totally see the benefits. In fact I’m hoping to book in for a combined massage/reflexology session soon.

So for the moment I’ll be saying goodbye and signing off for a while. It’s been a really great experience writing for sygm. It’s been my only writing gig ever and I’ve loved getting feedback and hearing from people with great advice.

I’ll be posting pics on my Instagram and I’ll be logging in post honeymoon to give my final round up on our day.

For those of you planning your wedding day I wish you all the best. Do it your way, make the most of what’s available to you and forget about what everyone else thinks and do what makes you both happy.

So for now, goodbye!

V x

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