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Good evening all. I hope your weekend has been brilliant and you’ve enjoyed the sun!
I’ve neglected my blogging duties recently as work & wedding planning has totally taken over! So today I’ll be giving you a brief update about the last few weeks and how we’ve been getting on as we approach our wedding. FOUR WEEKS TO GO!!!!

It’s unbelievable how fast time is flying. Everyone says that the few months before your wedding will go quickly but I never expected it to be approaching this quickly.

The majority of our wedding was planned quite some time ago, with the caterer, florist, band and pretty much everything else booked fairly soon after our engagement. So pretty much until now we’ve been living with the knowledge that all is sorted and there wasn’t much left to do until closer to the date.

“Closer to the date” is very much here. Every time something gets ticked off the list another five things get added. I got myself into a bit of a state and had a mini melt down – not my finest moment but totally justified given that I was particularly hung over from my 4 day hen do! James is brilliant and even though he’s not involved in the smaller details (because I’m a control freak) he is the best person to make me see sense.

So let’s start a few weeks ago. James and I went up to Suffolk where my parents live and where we got engaged to meet Jacob our photographer from Foto Memories to do our pre wedding shoot. Jacob arrived and we quickly got to it. We ventured into the countryside where we often walk and he directed us. At first we felt a little uncomfortable – being in front of a camera doesn’t come naturally to most, but Jacob did an amazing job of making us feel relaxed and soon enough we almost forgot he was there. The photos are so brilliant and we feel so much more relaxed about the idea of being photographed non stop all day on our wedding day.

Since then it’s been a schedule of fully booked weekends and planning. The seating plan took longer than expected, the task of putting it all on toptableplanner.com is yet to come. I have however anchored the post it notes down with sellotape so that I can’t alter it again.

Last week we had a final meeting with our caterers Kalm Kitchen, and we couldn’t have been happier. We met with Eloise who will be in charge of our day and went through the finer details. I can’t stress how important these final meetings are and how much more relaxed you feel knowing that the smooth running of your day is just as important to them as it is to you. I instantly let go of several worries I had

Last week I also went with my mum to see our florist. We chose Sally who owns Nursery Fresh and I literally couldn’t be happier. She is honestly fantastic. She totally gets my vision, is full of helpful tips and information that has been priceless. I know I can ask her for something bizarre and know she will come up with a solution and not charge the earth for it!

Amongst meetings I’ve also been organising smaller things such as taxis for guests, hotel rooms, wearing my wedding shoes in and giving my dad a list of things to make.

Lastly, I’ll give you a very brief description of my hen do. It was brilliant. I was met by 18 of my best friends at Victoria where we got on a coach to Newquay armed with many tins of G&T. It was fantastic, overwhelming and exhausting. The weather was brilliant, the clubs were super cheesy and the surfing was great. Five of my bridesmaids were in charge of my hen and I was totally overwhelmed by how brilliant they were! I’ll leave you with a rather fetching photo of myself after several hours of drinking & dancing.


To recover a very timely invitation to try out reflexology was sent to me…more on that next time! X

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