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Evening all. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sunshine that most of us have been blessed with this weekend. I can’t help but think automatically now “what glorious weather for a wedding” every time the sun shines! Today I’m writing about invitations and where to start. James and I spent the weekend finishing off our invites and hand delivering the ones we could.


As you may know, I work for a fantastic luxury paper company called G . F Smith. I am also a graphic designer so the invitations had a lot to live up to!
Some time ago I even did the odd freelance job designing wedding invitations for couples. It’s usually always my gift to friends of ours who are getting married too.

For me our invitations were the first glimpse of our wedding that our guests would see. Therefore they had to encapsulate what our day is all about. Some don’t place much importance in the invites but it was a big consideration for us, especially with my keen love of all things stationery!

Back in December (8 months till the wedding) we sent our save the dates out. These were a very simple blind de boss on 600gsm cotton paper with some twine holding some pressed gypsophila in place. They went down really well and notified our guests of our date. This gave me ample time to get the invites done. At least I thought! In my usual fashion I dithered and put it off and only just sent out our invites (3 months till the day!)

With regards to timing of sending out invites there are a lot of tips out there and the best one I took was get the date out (save the date) as soon as you can, but not so far away that people disregard it as “it’s so far away, we don’t need to think about that”. 8 months was great for us but I’d say anything from 12 to 6 month is a good time frame. The formal invitations follow. These are traditionally sent out about 6 to 3 months before the big day. Obviously giving your guests time to rsvp and for you to tally up your final numbers so that you can get on with letting caterers know numbers etc.

Wording: James and I went for a simple, not overly wordy approach to our invitations. We informed our guests of time & location on the main invitation and added in three extra info cards: information (hotels, taxis etc), directions and gifts.
Now, the gifts card was something that we gave a lot of thought to. It was something we really wanted to get right. We haven’t registered for a gift list as to be totally honest we don’t need anything for our home. We wanted to find a polite way of asking for spending money for our homeymoon. We asked for advice from friends and family and obviously googled tips. Note to all: debretts is only useful if you’re a viscount or a Lord/lady!

This is how we worded it:
We are very fortunate to share a beautiful home together and have all that we need.
We have opted not to register for a traditional gift list. If you would like to give us a gift, a contribution towards our honeymoon would be most gratefully received. We will be flying to California immediately after our wedding. We hope to make memories that will last us a lifetime. We can’t wait to see you! James & Vanessa

Wording your invites is a very personal thing and each couple will want to say it their own way.

Coming back to the design and look of your invites; you’ll find tonnes of ideas out on the Internet (Pinterest!!!). You’ll find designers that offer a bespoke or “off the shelf” design service, there are ready to write sets and endless beautiful print & finishing processes available. Liberty’s stationery room is a treasure trove of inspiration, even paperchase have ready to write sets that are super affordable and really pretty. You also have the option of doing it yourself. You just need to be realistic. Don’t pressurise yourself into doing it yourself if you know you don’t have the time or resources. You just might have a crafty friend or relative though who would love to glue sequins onto cards for days on end!

Either way it’s a little bit of your wedding being sent out to the people you’ll be spending your day with. No, it’s not the most important part but it’s certainly a part you can really enjoy doing.

I loved the details we added. Bespoke fonts, wax seals, hand tied string, mini rsvps with self addressed mini envelopes and I learned modern calligraphy to address each individual envelope.


Here’s a few of my favourite places to look for invites:

Cutture- – these guys are my customers at work and I think they are amazing. They are truly outstanding and I could only dream of having invites like these. Super impressive laser cut invitations! Check out their scented invites too!

Bureau –  – another one of my lovely customers. Tanya’s invites are a beautiful mix of contemporary and classic. She designs invites that are really personal to you.

Oh So Beautiful Paper – – basically the digital treasure trove of paper prettiness. There are out of this world invites on here but also a huge array of DIY invites too that prove how easy it is so do your own if you wish!

For any of you wanting to know here are the production notes for our invites (yes I’m a geek!)
Invitation: Marlmarque marble paper fixed to pale grey Colorplan with black photo corners. Black ink.
Gifts: A6 White ink onto nomad Kraft 330gsm paper.
Directions: A6 Marlmarque 330gsm black ink.
Information: A6 Colorplan ebony black 350gsm gravure emboss
RSVP: A7 Colorplan real grey white ink 350 gsm
RSVP envelope: Colorplan bright white C7 270gsm

Envelope: Colorplan bright white C5 350gsm wallet peel & seal.

Any questions, just send them my way! Have fun doing it though – it’s all getting very real if you’re at the invitation stage!

V x

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