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Morning all. I hope your weekend was lovely and you got to enjoy the sunshine? Apparently next weekend we are set to see temperatures soar to 30C, naturally in Leeds that means we may tickle the low twenties, at best. I think we will BBQ regardless though.

Absolutely adore Tom and Emily’s wedding, the grey and yellow theme works wonderfully with their venue, especially the subtle flowers and decoration. Emily goes in to so much detail about their day (thank you) but my favourite detail is that she used her mums wedding dress as part of her own. Click on to read more!

Emily & Tom small-2 Emily & Tom small-5 Emily & Tom small-10 Emily & Tom small-12 Emily & Tom small-19 The FlowersRachel – The Rose Shed. I met Rachel a couple of years ago at a networking event and fell in love with her floristry style and her straight away. I gave her a few clues as to what I wanted but left the rest in her hands. Daffodils we’re to be a strong theme throughout the venue and the bouquets but knowing my dress was going to be a caramel / mocha colour the strong yellow really wouldn’t work for my bouquet. So Rachel got to work searching out a peachy orangy toned daff and worked my amazing bouquet around that. I really didn’t give a lot more thought to the flowers because I trusted Rach implicitly and she definitely didn’t disappoint! The venue looked stunning with pops of yellow through out to lift it, just a really happy colour!

Emily & Tom small-21 Emily & Tom small-28 Emily & Tom small-31 Emily & Tom small-34 Emily & Tom small-37 Emily & Tom small-38 Emily & Tom small-41 The Hair and MakeupStacey Jade Hair did my hair, I tried an up do first as I thought it would suit my dress best but I just didn’t feel like me and as soon as we tried a simple half up half down do I totally relaxed! I did my own make-up as I have my own bridal make-up business (Beauty By Emily Faith) and the idea of not having total control of this element of my day was just not an option for me. I did my mum’s make-up too and gave the bridesmaids step by step tutorials on how to do their own… with a teeny bit of help 😉

Emily & Tom small-59 Emily & Tom small-65 Emily & Tom small-69 Emily & Tom Small-82 Emily & Tom Small-94 Emily & Tom Small-99 Emily & Tom Small-102 The DecorScrabble and pubs we’re our main theme. We agonised over a seriously complicated table plan. We had 6 tables and fixed 6 scrabble boards together and then created the table plan by linking the first names like you would a game of scrabble. Was a nightmare but really fun too! Tom made homemade scrabble tile holders by purchasing lengths of moulding and cutting them to size. The place names were then printed onto the same brown card we used for the invites and used one scrabble tile for the first name of each guest and placed on the scrabble holder. The tables were a mismatch of fab wooden tables and we didn’t want to use table cloths on them so instead Kirsten (The Little Wedding Helper) ran lengths of yellow and grey ribbon down the centre of the tables to add a strip of colour and then filled pewter tankards with daffs, hearts on sticks and pinwheels on sticks and then we finished with pewter candleabra. We had glass 1/2 pint tankards as our water glasses which helped with the pub theme. we didn’t just want our napkins to be simply laid on the tables so I made fabric napkin rings out of a selection of yellow and grey material. 

As a surprise my Dad had wine bottle labels made with a lovely write up about us / the wine – bless him! 

The rest of the room was decorated with the pinwheels I spent many Sunday afternoons agonising over. They were fixed in the windows and displayed around the venue. I was so chuffed with how they came out. Really lifted the window by which we got married and certainly takes your attention away from the road behind it!!!

The other thing we decided to make were pallets as chalk board signs. Tom works in shipping and deals with pallets on a daily basis so it seemed quite fitting. We painted them with chalkboard paint and I did all the writing on them. They came out really well and we now have them displayed in  our garden. 

We knew we wanted some personalised beer mats to get people to sign as our guestbook and asked my brother in law to create a cartoon of us to go on them, they were really funny, we loved them!

All through our wedding planning Tom obsessed over the illuminated letters you can hire, he really really wanted them, but we agreed they were just too big for our venue and decided to do away with the idea. Then one day I met Siobhan from Lighthaus Events and she mentioned that she had some smaller bar lights for the bar that were a copper colour. She did me a great deal and I ordered them as a surprise wedding gift for my new husband. I wish I’d seen his face because he absolutely loved them and they made a real impact around the bar.

Emily & Tom Small-104 Emily & Tom Small-106 Emily & Tom Small-110 Emily & Tom Small-112 Emily & Tom Small-114 Emily & Tom Small-119 Emily & Tom Small-132 Emily & Tom Small-133 The Bride

After trying on about 40 dresses I’d totally lost the will to be excited about trying on even one more dress so when Gemma offered to make it for me it didn’t take me long to take her up on the offer. My dress was hand made from scratch by Gemma at Beau Biens. We took parts of my mum’s 1980’s wedding dress and used them within the dress for the capped sleeves and the back. The rest of the dress then had to fit round this. The whole experience was wonderful if slightly scary when you don’t try on the final dress until 6 weeks before the wedding, but it was totally worth the gamble. It was everything I had hoped it would be a more. 

Shoes were  a simple gold sparkly low heel at £20 from Dorothy Perkins!!

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Hair vine and earrings from Bridezillas, bracelet was a tiffany bracelet which was a gift as a welcome to the Woolley family from the Woolley sisters and mum in law. The veil was my mum’s cathedral length laced lined veil, I was totally in love with it and the dress had to be made to go with it so I could wear it.

Emily & Tom Small-134 Emily & Tom Small-141 Emily & Tom Small-152 Favourite MomentShowing my parents my wedding dress, my mum doesn’t cry but she did that morning. I had kept the dress a secret from everyone apart from my sister for a whole year and it was just such a relief to see her face and know that she was happy with what i did with her dress. My Dad was pretty emotional too. We had a lovely moment together whilst he took it all in. It was totally worth keeping the secret for so long. 

Emily & Tom Small-158 Emily & Tom Small-171 Emily & Tom Small-173 Emily & Tom Small-174 Emily & Tom Small-181 Emily & Tom Small-189 Emily & Tom Small-191 Emily & Tom Small-209 Emily & Tom Small-210 The GroomTom was adamant that he didn’t want the usual wedding suit and was really keen on the tweed style. Budget was a major factor in this and we searched and searched t try to find something suitable. Next came up trumps with brown wool mix 3 piece suit with a blazer, Tom wore the full 3 piece, the groomsmen wore waistcoats and trousers and the dads wore jackets and trousers. It seemed to work really well that they were all similar but ever so slightly different. We paired this suit with a bright yellow tie and pocket square and of course button hole from the Rose Shed. My Dad asked if he could go against the grain and wear yellow chinos with his blazer, little did he know the 5 page boys were in yellow chinos too so I was totally up for this and paired with his bright red braces he totally rocked it! 

Emily & Tom Small-212 Emily & Tom Small-226 Emily & Tom Small-232 Emily & Tom Small-238 Emily & Tom Small-241 Emily & Tom Small-247 Emily & Tom Small-253 Emily & Tom Small-262 Emily & Tom Small-265 Emily & Tom Small-268 Emily & Tom Small-275 Emily & Tom Small-285 Emily & Tom Small-293 Emily & Tom Small-296 Emily & Tom Small-319 Emily & Tom Small-331 The BridesmaidsTheir dresses were also made by Gemma at Beau Biens. I love the infinity dress style and with 2 bridesmaids who had recently had babies it was important that the girls were comfortable. I also wanted yellow and grey and being able to pick the fabrics for these was a really lovely part of the experience. The dresses worked just as I had hoped and looked fab with the flowers. Gemma also made my flower girls dress out of the same fabric. It was lovely that she could match the girls in some way. 

The girls chose their own shoes, i wasn’t fussed about what they wore, but they chose nude heels which looked great.

I bought the girls a few accessories as gifts, I bought yellow flower clips from Etsy to wear in their hair, they were really simple and just gave a small splash of yellow. I also bought them grey fresh water pearl studs from Not on the high street. I wanted them to have something that would be wearable again.

Their final accessory was a yellow and grey clutch bag, which was hand made for them by my friend Charlie from Sydney Rose Designs. they were awesome bags I was thrilled with them especially as she made me one

Emily & Tom Small-335 Emily & Tom Small-343 Emily & Tom Small-358 Emily & Tom Small-359 Emily & Tom Small-368 The CakeOur spec for the cake would be that it would go out as part of the evening food and generally be really yummy. So we went for 3 separate cakes, lemon, carrot and chocolate, they all looked very simple but slightly rustic as requested and tasted delicious! Happy bride – cakes made by a friend of a friend.

Emily & Tom Small-417 Emily & Tom Small-421 The PhotographerNeil Pollock Photography – this was the easiest wedding decision we made. I know Neil from the tv work we do together and after he shot my sisters and a few friends weddings I knew there was no one else we would want to do it. His laid back style meant you barely knew he was there and the results are absolutely breath taking. 

Emily & Tom Small-436 Emily & Tom Small-439 Emily & Tom Small-446 Emily & Tom Small-449 The VenueThe Battleaxes, Wraxall. A country gastro pub with a twist. We love it here. We wanted a wedding that would feel different to all other weddings we had been to. I knew I wanted a spring wedding so I could have daffodils and so a venue with limited outside space was totally on the cards and this place just seemed to tick all our boxes. We knew scrabble would be a strong theme and knew from the off that it would sit well in the venue. Tom was also a pub landlords son so tying the knot in a pub seemed fairly apt!

Emily & Tom Small-454 Emily & Tom Small-455 Emily & Tom Small-460 The FavoursWe didn’t do wedding favours but decided to give to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation instead.

Emily & Tom Small-470 Emily & Tom Small-474 The StationeryWe did our own stationery, wanting a rustic brown kraft paper theme we decided to buy a decent printer (because we needed one anyway) and downloaded a 1 month trial of photoshop and made all our stationery in the space of a month – mission!! We used a scrabble font and a simple daffodil but kept them just black writing on brown card. We were really pleased with the result and we’re able to have a theme that clearly ran through all our stationery. Including the hand made bar snack packaging we made for the crisps, nuts and pork scratchings.

Emily & Tom Small-501 Emily & Tom Small-510 Emily & Tom Small-578 Emily & Tom Small-590 The FoodThis was one of the reasons we chose this venue. They’re known for their good hearty food and we had a huge selection to chose from and could offer our guests up to 4 choices per course which was a major selling point. Plus all their meat and fish is locally sourced which was important to me. The starters were Goats cheese soufflee, crab and leek tart or chicken liver parfait, mains were venison, pork belly, sea bass or shallot tarte and desserts were sticky toffee pudding, rhubarb meringue or cheese and biscuits with a glass of port in our favourite port sippers! 

We didn’t have canapes as we felt it might be too much with a 3 course meal to follow soon after, so we decided to follow the pub theme and go for pub snacks, so we served Burts crisps (Burt was my maiden name) but we made our own brown paper packaging, mimicking the Burts label but adapting it for the Woolleys! We also served the pubs homemade pork scratchings in brown paper cones and nuts and wasabi peas in brown cardboard boxes. Our evening food was pulled pork rolls with coleslaw followed by wedding cake. 

Emily & Tom Small-620 Emily & Tom Small-625 Emily & Tom Small-641 Emily & Tom Small-650 Emily & Tom Small-658 Emily & Tom Small-670 The EntertainmentWe hired Riot! from Warble Entertainment, they were ace and kept the dancefloor full all night.

Emily & Tom Small-691 Emily & Tom Small-729 Emily & Tom Small-736 Emily & Tom Small-740 Emily & Tom Small-746 Emily & Tom Small-764 Emily & Tom Small-770Advice
  • Involve your husband to be. You may feel like its your job to plan the wedding and you know best (which in many cases you probably do!!) but he has some ideas he’d like to share too and my other half had some brilliant ideas that I would have never considered that made such a difference on the day. 
  • It’s worth spending your money on the flowers, mine were amazing and we talked about ways of keeping the cost down, but they made such a difference and we’re really beautiful.
  • Try the highstreet for your wedding shoes, mine we’re a bargain and I’m so glad I didn’t spend a fortune on them as nobody saw them under my dress and I kicked them off so I could dance from about 7pm, plus they’re sparkly and awesome and I know I’ll wear them again. 
  • Don’t always go for the easiest and most expensive option if you have the time trawl charity shops, ebay and gumtree for wedding items and make things yourself, it’s fun too!

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Medici Macarons //

What a fab wedding. Loved all the daffies (they are my fav flower) and the Scrabble theme too.