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Evening! Ok, so a little explanation of this new series. I really wanted to get back in to blogging. Whilst I love sharing weddings, advice and inspiration I was really missing being able to waffle about rubbish tv, my favourite recipes and what I had been up to, and also, what you have been up to! I share a little of my life over on instagram, and far too much of my inner thoughts on twitter but I felt that the blog was losing a little bit of its soul. So here I am. 

So what’s new? Well, I am currently rebranding SYGM. Like completely. New layout. New fonts. New designs. Everything. I have an incredible team of ladies behind it and I know it is in safe hands but it doesn’t stop me from getting excessively sweaty about the thought of it all going wrong.

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(Where the blogging magic happens)

On top of this we have just decided to put our house on the market. I adore our home, and I know if you follow me on social media you will see pics occasionally. We moved in here in March of 2012, we had nothing as we had come from a rented house so needed to buy everything. Thankfully our gift list from the wedding covered us for a lot but I really underestimated what we needed (whisks/baking tins/pegs). It finally feels like a home, but we have outgrown it. It is a four storey Victorian terrace and has a small garden. We really want another dog, some space for a decent BBQ and to entertain in the summer which means moving onwards and upwards. Sadly, we are not moving back down to my beloved home town of Stamford. Estate agents are meant to be coming this week to take photos. I shall pretend it is for Ideal Home and not Right Move. I will keep you updated on this, as I have a feeling it wont be as breezy as when we bought first time which happened within 4 weeks from first viewing to keys in hands.
kitchen2 living roomcorner kitchen copylivingroom copychristmas copyFor me, the house was at it’s most beautiful at Christmas. And below, the most recent edition of frippery was a barn star from Kempton.

kitchen copy

Health wise, well that could make up so many blog posts but at the beginning of January I was in the doctors in a lot of pain trying to work out why I was feeling so ill. We narrowed it down to some kind of food intolerance. Well, 6 months later I now live a totally gluten free life, and have also cut out raw dairy. My god, it is so hard but I feel infinitely better.

Anxiety wise, it is still kicking around. I think it always will. Still taking my medication but on a much lower dosage (not sure if we need an updated post on this but I am currently writing a blog post on wedding planning and anxiety).

Obsessed with this video. And Marcus Butler on Youtube. But only his vlogs.

TV wise, I’m watching Big Brother and I am not ashamed at all and we are about to start Parks and Recreation, I know, beyond late to the party. I watch a lot of shit on Netflix, like shit, IMDB rating of 4.5 or less kind of shit. It is fun to have on the background, it requires minimal attention but the pleasure a cheesy rom com brings is wonderful. I have watched all of Drop Dead Diva.

I cant believe it is the last day of May. Married May went down so well again this year, I am so proud and pleased at the little community it makes, even if it is for 31 days. Everyone is so supportive and helpful to each other, asking questions, giving advice, I feel like a proud parent. Just like when Atticus doesn’t poop in the kitchen but waits till his walk kind of proud.

Think I will end it there, see you this time next Sunday, I will be adding my own images, recipes and thoughts. Kind of wedding free. I hope your week is fun filled, stress free and satisfying. If you would like to fill me in on you then go ahead. Sharing is caring!

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