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Good morning!! How was your weekend? I made the awful decision to have “a few glasses of wine” with a friend at 3 on Friday, which continued and morphed in to gin by 9pm. Saturday was a struggle, Sunday was full of good TV, dog walks and snacks. Feeling refreshed now and looking forward to the week. Mainly for Eurovision, oh yes, unfollow me on all the social media channels now if you do not share the glitter affinity. 

Today’s wedding comes from the heart of the Yorkshire countryside and was shot by SYGM favourites James and Lianne. If you are getting married up here and haven’t finalised your photographer yet I can whole heartedly suggest giving them a look.

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-1 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-5 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-14 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-17 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-22 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-31The Hair and MakeupHair by my trusty hairdresser Natalie at the Cutting Lounge, Kirkstall.

Make up by Charlotte and Co.

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-35 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-38 The FlowersLeafy Couture – Sarah at Leafy was great, full of good ideas, and really under- stood what we were looking for. She also suggested James & Lianne and the cake suppliers – her enthusiasm was infectious and every time we met her we left feeling very excited about the wedding!

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-39 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-41The BrideInspired by Elie Saab, made and created by Posh Frocks in Guiseley.

2 pairs of shoes – white pair to blend with the dress when walking up the aisle! And a sparkly Kurt Geiger pair for dancing!

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – authentic antique Italian lace veil which was my Mother’s veil – my something borrowed!

Sparkly hair clip from the bridal shop.

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-42 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-47 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-51 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-59 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-60 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-63 The GroomAustin Reed, Royal Ascot morning suit… TM Lewin ties and Churches shoes for the groom.

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories:
Austin Reed, Royal Ascot morning suit… TM Lewin ties

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-65 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-74 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-75 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-80 The PhotographerJames & Lianne, we knew we’d found our photographers after only being on their website for a couple of minutes… We loved their photo style, and are ab- solutely delighted with how ours have turned out. They were great throughout the day – invisible when they needed to be yet there to get the important shots!

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-87 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-88 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-98 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-100 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-107 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-123 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-140 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-147 The BridesmaidsChosen by the girls and custom made to measure from Posh Frocks, Guiseley. Top tip – be flexible! We changed the whole colour we had in mind as it didn’t suit the girls and the one we did choose was perfect and a million times better!

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-150 The VenueSt James Woodside Church, Harewood House – The Courtyard

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-153 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-156 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-163 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-166 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-170 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-173 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-180 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-182 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-184 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-186 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-189 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-196 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-198 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-201 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-207 The FoodYorkshire Party Company, after going through three suppliers with Hare- wood we were delighted with YPC – food was brilliant and everyone very help- ful and attentive!

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-260 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-261 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-263 The DecorWe kept getting asked if we had a theme or what our colour was, but could never really answer. We were looking for a simple yet elegant wedding and wanted all the decor and details to support this. We had lots of ideas for how we wanted everything to look, this paired with Sarah @ Leafy’s flower knowledge created a neutral elegant decor which allowed the details to stand out. Little details like activity packs for the children and a reading corner, kept them entertained during the meal. Lanterns, fairy lights outside and vases for flower bouquets meant easy decoration and created a lovely ambience.

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-264 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-265 The StationeryAll designed by ourselves and printed locally – lots of surfing the Internet for ideas, and time spent editing! We especially enjoyed creating the table plan, with photos of our parents on their wedding days – including the beards and perms!

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-266 The FavoursPersonalised M&Ms, with A photo of us or with our new name – Mr & Mrs Taylor. Each pack had one pink smartie, hand picked from the pic n mix!

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-268 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-269 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-271 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-273 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-274 The CakePatisserie Viennoise – definitely our easiest supplier, we walked in to their lovely shop, choose a beautiful cake and that was it! Didn’t think about it again until we were cutting and eating it! Enjoyed even more with feet up and a cup of tea the day after!

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-275 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-278 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-282 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-286 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-288 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-303 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-305 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-308 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-318 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-332 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-334 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-346 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-350 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-361 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-364 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-376 The EntertainmentElation DJs, well they certainly kept the dance floor full!

Star photo booths, went down a storm… Everyone had a turn and some of the photos are hilarious!

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-384 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-388 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-394 The HoneymoonWhistler Canada, skiing, relaxing, eating and drinking!

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-396 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-404 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-406 Favourite MomentProbably not the bus breaking down, leaving the bridesmaids with no way of getting to the church! (It did start again, with just a 30min delay!)

Favourite moment was walking back down the aisle after the ceremony, see- ing so many friends and family happy and smiling

Ed_Gemma_Wedding-412 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-430 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-439 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-442 Ed_Gemma_Wedding-445AdviceEnjoy the run up to the wedding, it might feel stressful and that there’s loads to do… But it’s nothing that writing a good list can’t sort out! Get the big bits organised early so you can enjoy doing the finer details yourself in the short time before the wedding.

Oh and don’t race down the aisle – take your time!!

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