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Hi all. I hope you are all well and enjoying the glimpses of sun we’re seeing once in a while.
I’m now in the “less than four months” lead up to our wedding and the wedmin is starting to pile up! I’d never even heard of the term “Wedmin” until we got engaged, and now it’s taking over!

It’s been pretty easy going up until recently. With the majority of our suppliers booked some months ago and deposits paid it was all smooth sailing.

That was until the emails started arriving. It seems that most of our suppliers etc have sent us emails in the last week to remind us that it’s not so far away now. I KNOW!!! Aarrghhhhh!

The emails are a double edge sword. They are incredibly exciting, and on the other hand terrifying! I’d reassured myself that most of our planning was done but upon receiving a few emails recently I started to realise just how many details there were and how much more we need to take into consideration.

Ceremony table cloth, where our guitarist will play, what type of confetti we’re allowed, what layout we want for the ceremony, how many jugs of water we’ll need at any one time, which family members need to be kept away from other family members…the list continues and I continue to burry my head in the sand! It’s nice down there.

There are hundreds of templates available online that suggest a timeline for planning your wedding. I looked at two and decided they were rubbish and that I wasn’t going to be doing that! As I’ve mentioned before I’m a list maker so here’s a little example of what I’ll be having to do in the run up to our wedding:

– send videographer form back.
– send venue form back.
– email venue our questions.
– book car for us to leave venue.
– book transport for hotel guests
– get bridesmaids to choose hair do’s
– ask band if they can learn a few requests.
– fairy lights. Buy a few sets.
– chalk board & chalk pen
– James’ suit – choose cloth & lining
– Ties for James and ushers.
– flowers for bridesmaids hair?
– boxes for maids gifts
– long burning tea lights.
– candles for lanterns. X 5
– book wax/tan/overhaul of my exhausted corpse.
– book hotel rooms for remaining guests.
– wedding favours. No idea yet.

As for timings and when these things need to be done by, my rule of thumb is: as soon as possible. Meaning that any spare time I have another item gets sorted and ticked off the list!

The list goes on…

It’s only now that you see just how much there is to do. So take the help that’s on offer. I’m a total control freak but I’ve delegated a few jobs here and there so that I can focus on the things that need my attention.

It’s daunting and I’m now starting to feel the stress that so many bridal magazines talk about. I thought I would be immune to it but I’m not. It’s there and it won’t go away until every item on that list and the 100 more lists to come have been ticked off!

Just try and keep some perspective. It’s easy to get carried away and worry. It’ll get done and it’ll be great is what I keep saying.

Enjoy your week and your wedmin!

V x


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Alice Saggers //

Hello! LOVE reading your posts because I’m at exactly the same stage – Wedding in August and those niggly little arrangements are starting to pile up. Like you, I’ve started delegating jobs to family members – particularly as some people seem to keen to be involved! Good luck with everything, we WILL get through it! 🙂

Phoebe //

Oh you definitely will! Delegation is deffo key! Good luck with it all. Keep us updated!