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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

photography by Depict Photography via Bridal Musings

Evening! Today was fun, we went to watch the final stage of the Tour de Yorkshire which finished a stones throw from our house. To be honest, I was just there for all the dogs. We then picked up hog roast, some beers/gin and headed back to a neighbours house. We were going to go out tonight but we decided on a disco nap, which ended up being 3 hours long and left us both feeling rather manky so opted for a film and food instead.

I choose this as the main image today because twobirds bridesmaids are one of my favourites. My favourites from your guys are below! 

Screenshot at May 04 00-55-19 Screenshot at May 04 00-53-51 Screenshot at May 04 00-52-38


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