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Throwing of confetti is a long-standing tradition, which not only is a fun entertainment factor for your guests, it creates beautiful photographs for you to cherish forever. Kaleidoscope Petals £11.50 per litre (3)

Shropshire Petals grow and produce natural petal confetti on their Shropshire farm and as it 100% biodegradable, it is the preferred choice for venues and churches. Peony Heads £30 for 10 (2)

Let your guests shower you with delicate natural petal confetti after your ceremony with a unique confetti pick and mix.  Use the Shropshire Petals pick and mix tool to create your favourite confetti combination, picking from a variety of colours and petals.

You can choose your favourite colours to match or contrast your wedding theme.  Why not let your guests decide…select a variety of colours and place them in different jars or containers and when it’s time to throw confetti, let them pick the colours for a unique confetti mix for a wow factor confetti shot with a burst of colour! Confetti Shot - Petals from £11.50 (credit

Confused about confetti?  Use the confetti calculator to ensure you order the perfect amount of confetti, whether you want it for throwing, for flower girl baskets, for decorating tables, or even for creating a romantic petal path. De-petalling flowers

Here 5 top confetti tips from Shropshire Petals:

Choose the right confetti – choose small petals for throwing, as they are lighter and more delicate, creating a better confetti shot.  You can add some larger petals for a mix of colour and texture.

Choose the right colour mix – consider where you will be having your confetti shot.  If it’s against a shaded brick wall, go for light colours and if it’s out in the open, darker and bolder colours are perfect. Blowing Raspberry Fool Confetti £11.50 per litre (2)

Calculate how much you will need – use the Shropshire Petals confetti calculator to work out how much confetti you will need for what you want it for, i.e. how many guests have you got or if using it for table decorations, how many tables will you have?

Discuss the confetti shot with your photographer – plan your shot with your photographer to ensure they know what you want.  They can then work out where the best place is for your confetti moment.

Getting guests to throw confetti right – sounds simple, but you only get one chance.  Delegate a member of the bridal party to organise guests for the confetti shot by asking them to stand together and throw up high to create the perfect flutter – you don’t want a guests throwing confetti directly at you! Girls Having Fun Confetti from £11.50 per litre (4)

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