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Evening all. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. Time for my next blog instalment, about how my wedding crept up on me from out of nowhere!

This week I finally sent my invitations to print. Working in the print and luxury paper industry and being a graphic designer obviously has its great benefits but the saying “like a kid in a candy shop” couldn’t be more accurate. I’ve redesigned the invites countless times and have never been more concerned about which shade of grey paper to choose. Dramas! Anyway, I digress… I told someone I met and inevitably started chatting weddings with that I had just designed my invites and sent them to print. She gasped. “Gosh that’s a bit late”. PANIC. Is it? Oh god, it’s too late, it’s going to be disastrous – nobody will come. STRESS!

With pretty much only four months left (four months, 3 days and 17hrs to be precise) I thought I was on track. The comment threw me and it threw me head first into a total worry about how I have been so lax about the wedding of recent and reassured myself that I could do a lot of these things closer to the date.

We sorted everything out when we got engaged. Venue, catering, band, hotel, dress, honeymoon were all sorted writhing a few months. With the engagement being a lengthy one I relaxed into the comfort of “it’s all sorted”. It’s not!

Sure, we have the main stuff sorted but you soon learn that there are a billion little things that need sorting. The list making began. From the absurd to the mundane, to the downright silly. Aaaaaand breathe!

So the list grows and grows. There’s a matter of 16 weeks now and I’ve realised that it’s all cool. Unlike some I haven’t let the wedding become an all consuming monster that takes over all elements of our lives – we’ve taken it easy and now it is time to make some headway into ticking off items on the list.

I do occasionally get worried that everyone that I know or read about that is getting married soon is so much more organised than us. It’s an easy trap to fall into; thinking that everybody is so much further along than you and their wedding will be so much better.

I’ve made the list, I’ve started making some progress and I’ve tried to put a plan of timings together – it’s at this stage though that I’ve realised how many people are happy to help. Take their offers of help. Lighten the load and like I keep saying in all my blog posts: enjoy the lead up to your wedding.

For us, our wedding has always felt so long away and all of a sudden it’s crept up on us. It’s the best feeling in the world but also a scary one. It’s getting real. Really real!!

Enjoy your week & your planning. And remember…a wedding can be planned in a matter of days so keep calm and keep on enjoying all of it!

V x

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