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Well, if you follow me on social media, you will have seen me excitedly share a sneak peek from this wedding. It involved a dog and I got a little excited about it. I am still ALL OVER dogs at weddings, I can’t get enough of them. I think it is because I am just unbelievable jealous, I would have loved Atticus at our wedding but a) we didn’t have him b) he most likely would have pooed in the middle of the ceremony floor. Without at doubt.

Anyyywhooo. Less poo more weddings. This one is a beauty, from the most creative photography Yorkshire duo Kelly and Paul. I adore Lauren’s choice of dress, it really suits her. I hope you have a lovely Wednesday. Make sure you leave some love!

photography by Paul Joseph Photography 

L+L_wedding_005 L+L_wedding_006 L+L_wedding_008 L+L_wedding_011 L+L_wedding_020 The BrideDress was from Bridal Factory Outlet, Northallerton, DL6 2YE Designer Diana Harbridge style Olivia. I  always knew I didn’t want a ‘boob tube’ style dress and that I wanted something that exposed my back slightly. My dress was the second dress I tried on and I knew straight away it was ‘the one’!

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Head piece was my mums from her wedding day, which was made by Andrea Bambridge. Veil was bought at the same time as my dress from Bridal Factory Outlet. Jewellery was made by a Friend Sally-Ann Lea, she added some new crystal beads to my head piece and used the old pearls from the head piece to make my earrings

L+L_wedding_021 L+L_wedding_026 L+L_wedding_029 L+L_wedding_031 L+L_wedding_039 The GroomFrom York Hire Wear, York, YO1 8AQ. Wore his own shoes on the day. I bought him cufflinks as his present which he was given on the morning of the wedding and wore on the day.

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories. Outfit also from York Hire Wear

L+L_wedding_043 L+L_wedding_045 The Hair and MakeupMy friend who is a beautician did my make up and another friend who is a hairdresser did my hair

L+L_wedding_049 L+L_wedding_050 L+L_wedding_053 L+L_wedding_063 L+L_wedding_064 L+L_wedding_065 L+L_wedding_066 L+L_wedding_070 L+L_wedding_074 L+L_wedding_075 L+L_wedding_077 L+L_wedding_085 L+L_wedding_087 L+L_wedding_092 L+L_wedding_094 L+L_wedding_098 L+L_wedding_106 The BridesmaidsThe bridesmaid dresses were from Amazon and their shoes were from Marks and Spencer. Sally also made the bridesmaid jewellery which I gave them as their presents

L+L_wedding_110 L+L_wedding_116 L+L_wedding_126 L+L_wedding_141 L+L_wedding_154 L+L_wedding_159 L+L_wedding_166 L+L_wedding_170 L+L_wedding_172 L+L_wedding_182 L+L_wedding_183 L+L_wedding_203 Favourite MomentI have more than 1! The first one was seeing my dads face when he saw me before we went to the venue, next seeing my dog waiting for me when I arrived at the venue (we are a bit obsessed with our dog and it was important he was at our wedding!), next when we said ‘I do’ and all our guest cheered. Finally when we were having our first dance and feeling like there was only Lee and Myself in the room dancing.

L+L_wedding_207 L+L_wedding_216 L+L_wedding_256 L+L_wedding_259 L+L_wedding_264 The PhotographerPaul Joseph Photography [paul@pauljosephphotography.co.uk] They were amazing and our pictures are out of this world. All our guest commented on how great they were.

L+L_wedding_273 L+L_wedding_283 L+L_wedding_286 The EntertainmentI made the wedding favours which were little bags of happiness for the adults and bags of sweets for the children

L+L_wedding_288 L+L_wedding_294 The DecorThe colour theme was purple as that is my favourite colour. Because we loved the venue so much we didn’t have much decoration and had quite simple centre pieces.

L+L_wedding_306 L+L_wedding_307 The CakeWe had a tower of cake pops which were lemon sponge and chocolate sponge. From Cake Pops Ville, york. info@cakepopsville.co.uk I never wanted a wedding cake and thought these were a nice alternative, which tasted amazing.

L+L_wedding_308 L+L_wedding_321 L+L_wedding_332 L+L_wedding_333 The VenueSandburn Hall, York, YO60 7RG

L+L_wedding_336 L+L_wedding_345 L+L_wedding_346 L+L_wedding_360 L+L_wedding_364 L+L_wedding_370 The FoodThe food was amazing! We had bruchetta to start, chicken wrapped in parma ham in an amazing creamy sauce and then chocolate torte brownie for pudding

L+L_wedding_371 L+L_wedding_384 L+L_wedding_390 L+L_wedding_395 L+L_wedding_399 L+L_wedding_405 L+L_wedding_428 L+L_wedding_430 L+L_wedding_432 L+L_wedding_442 L+L_wedding_465 L+L_wedding_471 The FlowersJoanna Keely – www.flowersbyjoannakeely.co.uk

L+L_wedding_473 L+L_wedding_476 L+L_wedding_479 L+L_wedding_499 The EntertainmentWe had a local band play at our wedding called The Guvnors and also a DJ

L+L_wedding_504 L+L_wedding_521 L+L_wedding_529 L+L_wedding_530 L+L_wedding_531AdviceThe day itself goes so fast, make a weekend of it if you can. Where our venue was there were log cabins available for us to stay in so we made a weekend of it rather than just having the one day. Friends and family stayed in the log cabins, on the day before the wedding all the women went to one log cabin and the men to the other, then we had our wedding day, then the day after the wedding we had a big bbq with all our close family and friends.

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