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Morning all! Did you enjoy yesterdays wedding? Gorgeous wasn’t it? Well, we have another today, with a slightly similar (and my favourite) theme. I don’t think we will ever tire of dogs and bunting at weddings will we? Village hall weddings offer a great blank canvas for a very reasonable price, something to look in to if you are struggling to find somewhere. (Lincolnshire has a fine selection of village halls btw).

Photography by Mark Newton

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_001 The VenueHackthorn Village Hall, Lincoln

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_002 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_003 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_004 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_005 The FlowersWild/country flower mixture for the venue from Flowers by Suzanne. The bride’s bouquet was a full brooch heart-shaped bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets were chiffon with a brooch detail. Bouquets were purchased from Brooch Bride (www.broochbride.co.uk) and were handmade to our requirements. They looked beautiful and were unique to us, the brooch bouquet had hidden details such as Barry’s initial added etc. so it was personalised.

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_006 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_007 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_008 The BridesmaidsBought from various retailers including Ted Baker and BHS. Hair accessories were handmade from Etsy.

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_010 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_011 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_012 The DecorThere was no theme as such, we just wanted the wedding reflect our country lifestyles, be relaxed and suit and make the most of its surroundings. Draping, chairs, table and linen was hired from Mudford Marquees (www.mudfordmarquees.co.uk). Bunting was all handmade. We also hired festoon lighting (www.iasoundandlight.co.uk) so we could make the use of the courtyard. Our friend kindly provided some hay bale from their farm to act as additional seating outside also

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_013 The FavoursWe order seed packets with a mixture of wildflowers, they doubled up as name settings as each one was personalised with our guests’ names and with our choice of picture and text (www.wildflower-favours.co.uk)

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_014 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_015 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_016 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_017 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_018 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_019 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_020 The BrideBride’s dress /shoes: Jenny Packham dress purchased from Andrea Bambridge’s Bridal shop in York. A costly purchase but I thought it was absolutely stunning, after the alterations it was so comfortable and I felt lovely in, which is an important factor in choosing the dress. You try on several on but you just know when you find the one, especially if it brings a tear to the eyes of those at the fitting with you.

Bride’s hair /makeup Friends/family; as natural as possible

The perfume  Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb – my favourite

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_021 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_022 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_023 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_024 The GroomBought from various retailers including ASOS and Next, as we did not want a traditional suit. Bowties and pocket handkerchiefs were handmade from Etsy.

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_025 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_026 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_027 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_028 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_029 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_030 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_031 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_032 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_033 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_034 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_035 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_036 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_037 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_038 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_039 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_040 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_041 The EntertainmentWe hired Adam Pond a singer/pianist. He played two sets, one as day guests walked from the church to the hall and had a drink prior to the wedding breakfast and the other set as the evening guests arrived. We were lucky to have our wedding on one of the hottest days of the year so he played outside in the courtyard.

Our evening entertainment was provided by The Natterjacks (www.thenatterjacksofficial.co.uk). They are a fantastic indie folk duo and we requested they played our favourite song of their album (Be Assured) for our first dance. They were a little surprised at the request as it not your usual slow dance but as the banjo etc. went it full swing it gave us an opportunity to get all our guests to join in. They played two sets with a mixture of their own material and covers of well known artists such as Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers etc. and the dancefloor was full each time, guests even requested an encore.

The village hall had a stage, lighting and speakers so we played our own playlist in between the band, to keep the dancefloor full.

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_042 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_043 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_044 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_045 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_046 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_047 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_049 The FoodAs guests walked from the village hall to the reception we had ‘Betsy’ a lovingly restored 1950’s ice-cream van (Betsy Bedford – Vintage Van Co on Facebook). It was an added etc. to the day as we bumped into the owner whilst walking our dogs in a local village, she had a cancellation on our day and we took the opportunity to book. It went down a treat, on one of the hottest days of the year, even the vicar had one.

Our wedding breakfast was afternoon tea. A lady in our village who previously run tearoom had begun holding pop up vintage tearooms in various village locations and more recently had started to cater for functions. We had sampled her offerings are a pop-up in our own village and thought they would suit our day perfectly. They served in 1940’s era clothing on their own collection of fine china and we were offered a selection of home-made sandwich fillings, tarts and cakes catered to your needs (agreed at a consultation prior to the wedding).

In the evening we hired a hog roast from the Bowser Brothers (www.bowserbros.com). Their meat is provided by local quality assured farmers and their bread rolls are baked fresh for a local bakery. It was well received by all guests and some definitely had seconds or thirds.

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_050 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_051 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_052 The CakeTatton Tower cheese cake purchased from Churchmouse Cheeses (www.churchmousecheeses.com ). Great service, it is couriered chilled and you assemble at the venue (it comes with detailed instructions and fruit etc. for decoration). Guests thought it was brilliant. We didn’t want a traditional cake as we felt it would look to formal and due to us having afternoon tea for the wedding breakfast it would have been cake overload, so accompanied with various crackers and bottles of port.

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_053 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_054 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_055 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_056 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_057 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_058 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_059 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_060 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_061 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_062 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_063 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_065 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_066 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_067 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_069 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_070 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_071 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_072 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_073 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_074 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_075 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_076 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_078 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_080 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_081 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_082 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_083 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_084 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_086 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_087 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_088 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_089 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_090 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_091 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_092 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_093 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_095 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_096 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_097 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_098 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_099 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_100 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_101 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_102 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_103 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_104 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_105 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_106 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_107 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_108 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_109 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_110 Favourite MomentWe thoroughly enjoyed our wedding from start to finish. The sun was shining, the ceremony was beautiful and all our suppliers matched or exceeded our expectations. Our photographer captured the day brilliantly and seeing our friends and family have a great time, meet new people etc. was lovely. The day filled us with a magical feeling, we were running on adrenaline and excitement and neither wanted it to end.

laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_111 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_112 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_113 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_114 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_115 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_116 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_117 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_118 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_119 laura&barry_by_marknewtonweddings_120AdviceBe organised but try not to over think things, what will be, will be. Don’t worry about things you can not control such as the weather, just plan for all eventualities so that it runs smoothly e.g. if the sun is shining or the heavens open. Plan the day for you not for your guests and remember the real reason you are getting married in the first place. Everyone will have their opinions but you have to do what’s right for you, kindly take on board their comments and suggestions but ultimately make your own decisions Our aim was to enjoy the day; we wanted it to be relaxed and a celebration to remember and that’s how we approached it, this was reflected as the majority of comments after the day that we received mentioned how enjoyable and relaxed the day was which was nice to hear.

The most important thing is to enjoy it. Seeing your plans come together is incredible but all your hard work sadly has to come to an end, so make sure you make the most of it.

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