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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe


Good Morning! And what makes this day even better is that it is my birthday!! I am sure you will have seen a few instagram snaps and tweets by now as I am milking it for all it’s worth this year.

Today’s wedding is just so so pretty, aside from the obvious; gorgeous bride, pretty flowers, handsome groom, happy day…let’s just take a moment to admire how beautiful Hattie’s parents garden is!! And, some mother-of-the-bride dress appreciation is needed too. I hope you enjoy, I am off to eat cake and be merry.

Photography by Alexander Leaman

HATTIE_TIM_ 1 The Hair and MakeupBy the calming and very talented Antonia Krieger of Elle Au Naturel (http://www.elleaunaturel.com)

Perfume – Lily of the valley by Penhaligons (http://www.penhaligons.com/lily-of-the-valley-eau-de-toilette/)


Dress made by Jane Bourvis, London (http://www.janebourvis.co.uk) – We stumbled across this shop….it is the most magical place and Jane is the most amazing lady. She sources vintage lace and then creates the most amazing dresses out of them, which are often worn over gorgeous silk slips. She is incredibly talented at what she does and she offers such a personal service – a truly lovely lady and beautiful dress!!

Veil – antique (sourced by Jane Bourvis, London – http://www.janebourvis.co.uk) along with vintage dresses and clothing, Jane has a number of antique pieces including stunning veils.

Hair piece – handmade by Jane Bourvis, London. This was made to match my dress as there was a belt around the centre. Jane masterfully created the same beading on a piece of lace which I could wear in my hair.

Earrings – Something Borrowed, Windsor Bishop, Norwich (http://www.winsorbishop.co.uk) this is a free service for those who have purchased their rings from this shop. It was an amazing treat to borrow such a stunning piece of jewellery.

Shoes – Ginger, by Rachel Simpson (http://www.rachelsimpsonshoes.co.uk) although these weren’t cheap they were incredibly comfortable and I’m still wearing them. I couldn’t bear the thought of buying a pair of shoes that I would wear for one day but these beautiful things live on.

Garter – A personalised garter (incorporating my something blue) and lucky sixpence for my shoe from Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe (http://silversixpenceinhershoe.co.uk) This was a gift from my hubby on the morning of our wedding, along with my wedding perfume and lots of other treats. They were all in an old suitcase which he had embossed with ‘Wedding Day’ and the date.

HATTIE_TIM_ 13 HATTIE_TIM_ 14 HATTIE_TIM_ 21 HATTIE_TIM_ 27 HATTIE_TIM_ 38 HATTIE_TIM_ 44 HATTIE_TIM_ 46 HATTIE_TIM_ 52 The VenueHattie’s family home in Surrey

HATTIE_TIM_ 73 HATTIE_TIM_ 100 HATTIE_TIM_ 115 HATTIE_TIM_ 116 HATTIE_TIM_ 117 HATTIE_TIM_ 118 HATTIE_TIM_ 127 The BridesmaidsDress – ‘Project/ D London’ from Ginger, Norwich (http://www.gingerfashion.co.uk)

Shoes – Rachel Simpson (http://www.rachelsimpsonshoes.co.uk)

Hair piece – Jane Bourvis, London (http://www.janebourvis.co.uk

Shawl – Fur and No Knickers, London (http://www.furcoatnoknickers.co.uk

HATTIE_TIM_ 130 HATTIE_TIM_ 142 HATTIE_TIM_ 148 HATTIE_TIM_ 149 HATTIE_TIM_ 158 The FlowersFantastic arrangements, poises and button holes created by Carrie Macey and her team at the Topiary Tree (http://www.topiary-tree.co.uk)

HATTIE_TIM_ 162 HATTIE_TIM_ 166 The GroomMorning Suit – Suits Supply, London (http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/home)

Tie – pink silk from Neal & Palmer, London (http://www.nealandpalmer.com)

Personalised Tie pin from engravers world, Norwich (http://www.engraversworld.com

Shoes – black leather and suede brogues from Dune (http://www.dunelondon.com


Morning Suits – Suits Supply, London (http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/home

Ties – pink silk from Neal & Palmer, London (http://www.nealandpalmer.com)

Tie pins – these were gifts for all the ushers, personalised with their initials from engravers world, Norwich (http://www.engraversworld.com)

HATTIE_TIM_ 174 HATTIE_TIM_ 182 HATTIE_TIM_ 186 HATTIE_TIM_ 188 HATTIE_TIM_ 191 HATTIE_TIM_ 209 HATTIE_TIM_ 223 HATTIE_TIM_ 242 The StationeryBeautiful vintage style invites tied up with string, gorgeous order or service covers and table name signs by Karen Rains (a fabulous lady found on Ebay)

HATTIE_TIM_ 248 HATTIE_TIM_ 262 HATTIE_TIM_ 268 HATTIE_TIM_ 270 HATTIE_TIM_ 279 HATTIE_TIM_ 281 HATTIE_TIM_ 298 HATTIE_TIM_ 325 HATTIE_TIM_ 329 HATTIE_TIM_ 333 HATTIE_TIM_ 336 HATTIE_TIM_ 347 HATTIE_TIM_ 354 HATTIE_TIM_ 372 HATTIE_TIM_ 379 HATTIE_TIM_ 386 HATTIE_TIM_ 398 HATTIE_TIM_ 403 HATTIE_TIM_ 415 HATTIE_TIM_ 426 The FoodFOOD – A yummy afternoon tea and tasty hot pots served up by Carole and her team at Tandem Catering (http://www.tandemcatering.co.uk) then a sweetie bar with personalised sweetie bags (from Ebay) for that little sugar hit to keep the dancing going.

DRINK – Endless Champagne during the day served in vintage champagne coupes. Then a selection of wines, Peroni Beer and Adnams Bitter for the evening.

HATTIE_TIM_ 431 HATTIE_TIM_ 437 HATTIE_TIM_ 440 HATTIE_TIM_ 450 HATTIE_TIM_ 453 HATTIE_TIM_ 458 HATTIE_TIM_ 466 HATTIE_TIM_ 478 HATTIE_TIM_ 483 The PhotographerThe fun, fab and creative genius that is Jason (Otherwise known as Alexander) Leaman who captured all our the magical moments and those around us. We knew he was going to be the right fit from the moment we met and then we became even more excited after he came to Norwich and we had our pre-wedding Together shoot. We had crucial meetings right up until the day before, and by the time our wedding day came around we just saw everything work so smoothly. His presence felt light and easy going yet the impact of getting our fab pictures back was just breathtaking. So many things happened on our day and Jason captured everything down to the finest detail. Very happy!  (http://www.alexanderleaman.com)

Videographer – Created by the super duo Steve Knight and Rob Pudney, the video captured the magical atmosphere of the day and all those moments we didn’t see of our guests and each other. It’s something we would recommend to anyone getting married.

HATTIE_TIM_ 491 HATTIE_TIM_ 492 HATTIE_TIM_ 499 HATTIE_TIM_ 509 HATTIE_TIM_ 520 HATTIE_TIM_ 521 HATTIE_TIM_ 528 HATTIE_TIM_ 531 HATTIE_TIM_ 534 HATTIE_TIM_ 536 HATTIE_TIM_ 556 HATTIE_TIM_ 560 HATTIE_TIM_ 563 HATTIE_TIM_ 567 HATTIE_TIM_ 578 HATTIE_TIM_ 584 HATTIE_TIM_ 606 HATTIE_TIM_ 619 HATTIE_TIM_ 627 The EntertainmentString Quartet – played in the church and the garden during drinks and canapés, creating a perfect atmosphere – the quartet were found through a family friend.

THE BAND – The absolutely fabulous Totally Vintage Swing Band (http://www.likeitlivemusic.com/acts/totally-vintage-swing-band/)

HATTIE_TIM_ 629 HATTIE_TIM_ 640 HATTIE_TIM_ 683 HATTIE_TIM_ 695 The DecorWe didn’t have a theme as such, but just a mix of a vintage English country garden party, with some personal touches…..we used lots of pastel colours, based around soft greens, purples and pinks. This was picked up in the table decor, glasses, napkins, bunting, sweets, flowers etc. We also sourced crochet and lace doilies and created bunting from this. We had the often now compulsory basket of flip flops by the dance floor (having tasked Tim’s mum with buying 50 pairs of white flip flops from dollar tree in America and bringing them back in her suitcase). We were also inspired by Kirsty Allsop to make mirrors out of vintage tennis rackets (as Hattie has played tennis since the age of 3) and used these for the table plan – writing names on the mirrors and displaying them by the entrance.

TABLEWARE/CROCKERY – including amazing colourful glasses and mother of pearl cutlery from Isabelle and Stewart at Covert bespoke event hire (http://www.couvert.co.uk)

 MARQUEE AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS, INCLUDING POSH PORTER LOOS were supplied by inside outside based in Surrey (http://www.inside-outside.co.uk)

HATTIE_TIM_ 697 HATTIE_TIM_ 701 HATTIE_TIM_ 704 The FavoursBringing a little bit of Norwich to Surrey and in keeping with our afternoon tea wedding breakfast…..Loose tea in small packages and tied up in string…..from our local tea merchant in Norwich – Wilkinsons. (http://www.wilkinsonsofnorwich.com). Each table was named after a tea and the favours for the guests matched their table tea name


Homemade with love by Tim’s Nanny June

HATTIE_TIM_ 745 HATTIE_TIM_ 751 HATTIE_TIM_ 753 HATTIE_TIM_ 756 HATTIE_TIM_ 760 Favourite MomentBride:there we soooo many magical moments but one I remember and Jason captured so well were the few moments we had alone outside the marquee holding each other and smiling inside and out, before being welcomed into the wedding breakfast and seeing all the people we love around us.

Groom: there were a few…but the confetti being thrown as we walked hand in hand up the drive towards the house, surrounded by friends and family toasting us with champagne and warmed by the sunshine.

HATTIE_TIM_ 763 HATTIE_TIM_ 772 HATTIE_TIM_ 784 HATTIE_TIM_ 798 HATTIE_TIM_ 804 HATTIE_TIM_ 813 HATTIE_TIM_ 818 HATTIE_TIM_ 821 HATTIE_TIM_ 824 HATTIE_TIM_ 827 HATTIE_TIM_ 832 HATTIE_TIM_ 875 HATTIE_TIM_ 880 HATTIE_TIM_ 897 The HoneymoonA week of pure relaxation at the Peninsula Gardens Hotel in Kas, Turkey (http://peninsulagardenshotel.com). A luxury boutique hotel with amazing massages, yoga, a plunge pool in our courtyard, a private cabana for a day overlooking the peninsula and molton brown smellies refreshed everyday. It’s also located on the edge of the beautiful town of Kas where we had the most amazing seafood – we recommend Ikbal!

HATTIE_TIM_ 941 HATTIE_TIM_ 957 HATTIE_TIM_ 996 HATTIE_TIM_ 1002 HATTIE_TIM_ 1011 HATTIE_TIM_ 1026AdviceTim was fantastic at doing so much, including picking the flowers and tasting the food. I know it’s not all the boys cup of tea but they have it in them and it was lovely to truly share the journey together.

Find a good professional photographer who can get to know you enough to be able to capture your individuality, and someone you find easy to get along with!  And also someone to film the day if you can (whether friend or professional) so you have wonderful memories of the day captured – as it flies by!


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Alexander Leaman //

Really excited to have this wedding blogged today – It was such an amazing day and just full to the brim. Thanks Phoebe, and a massive Happy Birthday to you, though it seems strange that it’s me getting such a present today xx 😉 x

John Grant //

Such a beautiful wedding! Love the vintage, traditional theme to the whole day. From the shoes on her feet and the engagement ring on her finger, the whole wedding looked utterly magical.

TheMainEventMarquees //

Great Share about weeding marque and images. You can also check themaineventmarquees.com for more details.