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Afternoon, today we have the wonderful people from Warble Entertainment giving us some advice when choosing a band. Some people may already know who they want to play at their wedding, but for others it really is quite a struggle, I know I did. I had obviously never hired a band before and had no idea what to ask, how much a good price was or how long they’d play for, what they would come with etc. So I hope this post helps! 


As with most things about planning your wedding, booking a band is probably something you’ve never done before. Just like choosing a wedding dress, hiring a venue, picking out favor’s… there is a never-ending list of firsts, which mean a whole load of new things to learn about. Unfortunately in some cases it means some bad experiences to learn from but as you only get one chance to get it right, that isn’t really an option you want to consider.

To make sure booking your wedding band is easy and stress free, we have put together our top tips to hiring and getting the most out of them so you can be confident and enjoy the experience.


1. Speak to your venue
The first thing you should ask your venue is do they have a sound limiter? This is something that measures the sound and can be a problem depending on a number of different factors including the type and level it is set at. Many bands can still work with limiters but they will need to know the details before they can confirm this. Also check with the venue the space you have available for a band to perform in as this may affect the type of band you chose.

2. Decide on style
With the style, you need to decide why you are hiring a wedding band? If it is because you want everyone to be on the dance floor all night then consider who your guests are and what they would dance to. Other reasons might be to augment your theme or style, or because you want to inject your own personality and taste into the day. Just remember, if you are big thrash metal fans, and your friends and family aren’t, don’t be surprised when they don’t join in the mosh pit!

3. Google it.
The next stop is to find the band. If you haven’t seen a particular band you like at a friends wedding or party or haven’t received any recommendations then most people at this point will turn to Google. This is fine, but you are likely to bring up in the region of 87,000,000 results if you type in ‘wedding band’. Instead, you should speak to a reputable entertainment agency or look at your favourite wedding blog or forum for advice and recommendations.

4. Check credentials
Once you’ve found a band you like the look and sound of then check they have genuine references. Have they performed at your venue before? Do they have a full facebook page with genuine feedback and pictures of them at events? These are all things to consider. Also, whether you are booking a band direct or via an agency, are they coming back to you quickly and answering your questions? Are they readily availably to speak to on a daily basis? If they’re not at this stage then imagine how you will feel if it’s two weeks before your big day and you have no contact and lots of unanswered questions. To give you an idea, Warble aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours between Monday and Friday and they provide a 24/7 contact for emergencies.


5. Book it
If you’ve found your perfect band then congratulations! The next stage is to book it in. You want to make sure the band or agency have secure contracts in place and full terms and conditions so you know where you stand, how much you are paying and exactly what you are paying for so there are no surprises on the day! It is standard to pay a non-refundable deposit then the balance on the day. Make sure you check the terms and conditions of your contract with regards to cancellations etc.

live band
6. Rock out!
Things to consider for the band on the day are: parking, changing room, refreshments – remember they may have driven a long way before they even start to unload and set up then put on a high energy performance, so ideally soft drinks and sandwiches or a hot meal if possible will keep them going. Then all you need to do is relax and enjoy them with your family and friends.

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