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Are you a compulsive shoe addict? If so, you will die and go to heaven reading this post. So You’re Getting Married were invited to the Upper Street Shoe lounge to design our very own pair of shoes. Literally design your own shoes. From the shape to colours to embellishments to personal inscriptions stamped inside or have your ‘something blue’ as an insole. Perfect for Brides who want their wedding shoes to reflect individual personality and tie into your day. {Or just because you feel the need to treat yourself to some new pretty shoes, and who doesn’t?}


Upper Street Shoe HQ is situated just off of Oxford Street and if you’re planning on designing your own shoes, I’d recommend a complimentary visit to see the lovely Helena who will help make your decision and talk you through the whole process. This way you get to try on different sizes and shapes first to decide on a fit and then show you all the different fabric options {there are hundreds of combinations!}. The colours I’d seen online looked slightly different in reality compared to on a screen so if you’re nearby then it’s worth a visit. A lot of Bridal parties book in for an afternoon to each design their own shoes, or if you’re not getting married then grab a group of girls for a Birthday Shoe Party!


But in saying that, their website is amazing with a 3d rotatable model of your shoe on show as you click through the different options. So it’s easy to visualise and if your shoes arrive and don’t fit properly, Upper Street will get another pair made for you at no extra cost! Or pay for a tailor to adjust them. How’s that for service?!


So, how does it work?

1. First, choose your shape of shoe. I went for a classic peep-toe stiletto but you could go for a round toe court, pointed, sandal, ballet flat, open toe, closed etc etc.


2. Choose your heel, a blocky wedge or pointy stiletto? Are you into sky high heels or lower kitten heels? Again, if you go to Upper Street’s lounge then you can try walking in the different types. I went for a 3 3/4 inch heel but it might depend on how tall your husband to-be is!

3. Then choose your design, selecting from a range of front and backs. There are strap styles for sandals, panels and toe-caps for court shoes. The possibilities are endless but super fun.

4. Choose your colour and material, there are over 150 to choose from or you could bring your own in. I saw shoes that had been made from a pattern a Bride had drawn herself and another pair from a family’s unique Scottish Tartan. You could combine patterns or textures too.


5. Then finish your design with personalisation and a range of embellishment. You can choose the sole colour, I liked the shiny gold but if I was getting married again I’d go for blue. I like the personal inscription inside the shoe, you could use a line of your first song, your initials or wedding date if it’s a Bridal shoe your after. If not, go for a classic like Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table or Life Is Short, Buy The Shoes! I had a lot of fun searching on Pinterest for Shoe Quotes while I was in there with Helena.


6. Once you’re happy with your design, place your order and checkout. Your shoes will be delivered to your door within three to four weeks, but mine came after just a fortnight. They’re boxed beautifully and wrapped in a hot pink ribbon with some serious attention to detail. You’ll also receive two bags, one to store your shoes in and one to carry them home from a party, some gel insoles and a cute shoe keyring.


It’s safe to say that I absolutely adore my shoes, I’ve called them Cinderella and I shall be going to the ball in them! Look how prettyyyy, ballet satin pink with glittery silver heels and some bling on the front <3 <3 <3.

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I highly recommend a visit to Upper Street Shoe’s Website to go and design your own but don’t blame us when you get addicted.

We also have one £50 voucher for Upper Street Shoe if you’re interested in designing your own. Tweet me @rebeccaSYGM if you’d like it.

Rebecca x


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Lauren Gardner //

They are really beautiful shoes! Can you give an indication of the starting price point for an Upper Street design? It would be really helpful to know before I go and fall in love! : ) x

Helena //

Hi Lauren,

Prices for our shoes start from £195 for ballet flats and go up to around £450 depending on the style of shoe and materials used. We’d love to help you design your own pair!

Helena x
(Upper Street)