The Wedding Diet Trap


Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and have stayed out of the cold! Following on from my first post I felt it was important to write about something that I have continually come across when discussing and researching weddings: the dreaded wedding diet.

A few months after our engagement and after hundreds of pins on Pinterest of dream dresses, I decided it was time to go and try some on. Like most newly engaged women, I was basing this experience on the ones you see in the hollywood films; surrounded by tulle and sparkles, with everyone ‘oohing and aahhhing’ as soon as I stepped out of the fitting room in a perfectly fitting dress.

Now don’t get me wrong, the experience and the staff in each shop (I went to 4 overall) were fantastic and I was treated amazingly well. However,  nothing will quite prepare you for the moment that you slip (or are practically shoe horned in my case for some dresses) into what you though was ‘the one’.

It’s downright miserable. Standing in front of mirrors that show you every angle of your body in a dress that makes you feel less like a bride and more like Mr Blobby. Side zippers unable to make it over your bum, so your pants become an unwanted feature, bodices that look like you need Katie Price’s surgeons number and breathing in so much that you start to feel dizzy. I challenge even the most secure of women not to feel at least a little disheartened. That’s not to mention getting practically naked under bright spotlights and being man handled into dresses.

I was beyond excited when I finally found my dress – but I couldn’t shift the niggling feeling that I should be doing what lots of women fall into the trap of: The Wedding Diet. I began googling and following women who were losing weight for their big days. People even asked me if I was intending on losing weight. Blimey – no one has ever asked me that. Did I need to? Should I? I was even told by the sales person in a well known highstreet jewellers that I could have my ring resized “when I lost weight”. Great. Thanks for that!

In a moment of madness fuelled by the onslaught of images of beautifully toned and thin brides I decided I was going to lose weight and drop a dress size. What was horrifying was that I’d never ever felt like this before. I bought a load of weigh watcher meals and a week later after suffering bland microwave meals, realised I had gone mad. I did not want to do this, nor did I need to.

I started to unfollow the wedding dieters who were living on salads and cereal and instead started to change the way I was thinking about losing weight. My goal: to be as healthy, full of energy and feel as good as I possibly could in the lead up to my wedding as possible. I’ve been doing this for the last few months, occasionally with the help of a PT. I don’t obsess over the scales, I eat well and I’m reaping the benefits. I sleep amazingly well, my skin is good, my hair looks better and I have a huge amount of energy. I suffer terribly from mouth ulcers, I haven’t had any in ages. I also suffer from anxiety, having an outlet in the form of exercise is helping tremendously. It’s a lifestyle change for me, which I hope I will continue on way past my wedding. I’m using our wedding as a kick start into living a healthier life.

For any brides to be reading this, here’s my advice: Don’t become obsessed with losing weight. If you want to, do it in a way that makes you feel good. You’re supposed to enjoy the run up to your wedding. Starving yourself won’t make you happy. I have first hand experience of seeing a bride miss her own reception because she had made herself so poorly by not eating properly in the run up to her wedding. The wedding dress industry is a minefield of ill fitting dresses, but a good shop will make you feel fabulous whether or not you’re trying on the correct size for you.

A little cliche but true: The person you are marrying fell in love with you and proposed to you because you are perfect in their eyes just the way you are. If you want to change your body, do it because you want to, not because you think it’s what you should be doing. Obsessing over your flowers and makeup is a far better way to spend your time!




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