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teampic_edited-1Eeeeee!!! So we have two new ladies that are joining the team today. Firstly, thank you so so much if you applied. I was blown away with how many applications there were and it really was so hard to choose. I have actually kept them all and printed them off (is that sad?). I think it will be clear why I have chosen them in time, both of their wedding plans really appealed to Rebecca and I. Their personalties shone through in their application, and, well, they both have dogs. And I am a sucker for a furry friend. Today is just a short introduction to them both, we will sort out a schedule and let you know what content you can expect soon! Please say hello to Vanessa and Julia. 


Name: Vanessa

Wedding Date: August 30th 2015

How they met: Well we met about 6 years ago while we were both working in a bar in Kingston. We got together about 6 months later and we’ve been together ever since! We live in Kingston with our cockapoo Indie – she’s our total obsession!!

I work as a graphic arts consultant for G . F Smith papers, I am very lucky that I spend my days visiting amazing designers and discuss beautiful print and paper for various types of projects. I studied graphic design at Chelsea college of art so design and art has been in my blood always. 

James is an underwriter in The City. He’s worked super hard to get where he is and he’s truly my inspiration and he’d like me to mention he’s also a rock and roll rebel at heart (!)

The engagement: Our engagement was amazing. I hadn’t got a clue! My parents moved to Suffolk about 2 years ago – it’s a very sentimental place for me as I grew up holidaying in Thorpeness. Thorpeness is a beautiful little seaside village with a mere/boating lake. We were up there for a weekend (we get up there as often as possible) and James suggested he and I go for a walk in Thorpeness. Off we went!

We popped into the coffee shop which is adjoined to an antique shop. I pottered around in there for ages while James very patiently waited for me with our coffees (poor thing must have been screaming “hurry up Vanessa” in his head!). Anyway, James lead me to a bench on the waters edge. I proceeded to spill cake and coffee down myself (I can be a little calamitous at times!). James then asked to take a photo of me with the mere behind me. I begrudgingly agreed. I brushed the crumbs off myself and walked towards the water. In that split second I turned around, James was on his knee. Was he ok? Had he fallen over? OH MY GOODNESS…he’s proposing! I got down on my knees, said thank you (?!) and that was the most wonderful moment of my life as of yet! 

How you can follow her: twitter @nessa_osborne and instagram – @nessandindie


Name: Julia

Wedding Date: 28th May 2016

How they met: Wayne and I met in 2004 on the cobbled streets of Darlington – in fact Wayne actually picked me up off the cobbles outside the nightclub Flares on a night out. Wayne was stationed in Catterick at the time and I was still at college. After a few months of awkward texting and trying to convince my mum that squaddies weren’t all bad we made it official on the 10th August. 10 years, 1 day, around 5 hours, 30 minutes and 22 seconds later (but who’s been counting ;)) the man of my dreams, that I had been with since the age of 16 finally popped the question.

The engagement: We had celebrated our 10 year anniversary by staying at Slaley Hall in Hexham. We had been at a friends wedding the evening before so it was a relaxing evening in the spa followed by some good old pub grub and an early night. Before we had gone away I had dismissed comments from my friends, work colleagues and hairdresser that this may be weekend that he would propose because I’d experienced many false alarms before and I’d decided not to let myself get carried away with what ifs. 

The next day Wayne suggested a walk before we headed home, this was the morning after hurricane Bertha and we didn’t even have our dog Lola with us so oblivious to his plans I told him this was a ridiculous idea and we should take Lola once we were home. I later found out that Wayne then had to travel the whole way back with the ring box in the back of his jeans pocket (whoops!)

When we got home we went straight out with the dog and walked for what seemed like miles before Wayne and Lola ran off ahead to hide (this is a regular game on our walks) When I found them Wayne was on one knee presenting me with a beautiful sparkling ring and simply said the words ‘Will you marry me?’ And of course my answer was ‘OH MY GOD! Are you serious!?’ And through many tears I think I just squeezed out a Yes!

How you can follow her: twitter – @JuliaLumley and instagram – @julia_lumley


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Oooh I’m beyond excited for Vanessa’s wedding stationery designs! I am pretty much obsessed with G.F.Smith. Vanessa, you have an amazing job and… I can’t wait to hear more about your and Julia’s stories!