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We had a little preview in to the creative wonder of BHLDN gowns in this post but now I have been sent the creative imagery (always my preferred) behind the dresses and oh my. This post needs no words. In fact, it needs heart eye emojis on repeat but a) that would make me a bad blogger and b) wordpress won’t let me. So feast your eyes and if you are thinking of buying one, take me with you. I want to play.

I have linked here to the prices in £. You can ship them over, shipping is around £15 ish. I calculated the cost of shipping over my favourite, which is the Winnie gown. It retails at $2400 which comes in at £1588.75 including shipping. Whilst I haven’t bought a wedding gown, I have purchased from BHLDN before and it was a breeze so don’t be put off. 

3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_01_243_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_02_316_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_02_454_V3 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_03_159_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_03_191_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_03_204_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_04_054_V23066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_05_097_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_05_174_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_05_232_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_06_040_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_06_218_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_06_240_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_06_376_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_07_126_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_07_133_V1 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_08_062_V3 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_08_165_V3 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1105_LASRANAS_SHOES_012_V3 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_CASTILLA_01_002_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_CASTILLA_02_058_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_CASTILLA_03_209_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_CASTILLA_04_001_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_CASTILLA_04_059_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_LASRANAS_01_075_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_LASRANAS_02_141_V3 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_LASRANAS_03_031_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_LASRANAS_03_090_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_LASRANAS_04_114_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_LASRANAS_05_047_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_LASRANAS_05_067_V2 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_LASRANAS_06_132_V1 3066_BHLDN_SPR_1106_LASRANAS_06_291_V2

Photographer: Diego Uchitel

Flowers & prop styling:  Daryl McGregor

Location: San Miguel de Allende

Hair: Thomas Dunkin

Makeup: Keiko Takagi

Model: Vlada Roslyakova

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