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Well, if you like all things weddings and all things animals you are in for a treat this morning. A while ago Carolyn (who I know from Danby Castle) emailed telling me about a shoot she was setting up at her new venue, The Milburn Arms (she also asked if Atticus would like to go along, sadly he was booked for another gig). When she described the inspiration and styling behind the shoot, the answer was yes. When I then received the images, it was so much more beautiful than I could have imagined. Such gorgeous inspiration for all you countryside brides.


I really hope you love these images as much as I enjoyed putting together this post. As you will know, any wedding with a dog has a place on So You’re Getting Married, but add in a little equine and some owls, and you have a place in my heart. Well done team. The list of who was involved is at the end of the post. Some fantastic suppliers within the industry, some of whom I have known for years and can safely say they would make your wedding day incredible.

Now…time for a vow renewal at The Milburn Arms I think!!

Photography by Natalie Pluck

DSC_5602 DSC_5600-Edit DSC_5589 DSC_5582 DSC_5577 DSC_5570

Months ago, before we re-opened the Milburn Arms Hotel I had a vision of a bride and groom on horseback getting married under our beautiful tree… however we were not even sure if weddings would work at the hotel, so I put this to the back of my mind.

Fast forward to September and having been opened for 6 months, we had put in for the wedding licence and my vision was back in full force!

DSC_5564 DSC_5556 DSC_5549 DSC_5534 DSC_5527 DSC_5516 DSC_5515 DSC_5510 DSC_5491 5E7A3717 5E7A3675 5E7A3671 5E7A3661 5E7A3653 5E7A3626 5E7A3617 5E7A3606 5E7A3594 5E7A3590 5E7A3586

The hotel is situated in the heart of the North York Moors and horses and dogs are everywhere; the hotel is already dog friendly and weddings at our other venue (Danby Castle) have always been open to couples and their four legged friends!  

Queue a message to Natalie Pluck photographer and after a chat and some frantic swapping of ideas, we had ourselves a photo shoot, which was to involve animals (horses, owl and dog… eek!) and a relaxed autumn/harvest feel.

5E7A3577 5E7A3558 5E7A3550 5E7A3546 5E7A3522 5E7A3521 5E7A3514 5E7A3469 5E7A3463

So we set the date of 18th September (oh yes just over 2 weeks!!) and proceeded to enlist some fabulous local suppliers (see separate list) and I have to say everyone was very enthusiastic and totally up for the challenge.

It was, however, a challenge to ask a bridal wear shop to lend us dresses (seeing as there was the real chance of horse snot adorning the dresses, in addition to asking Lily our model to walk around the moors, sit on walls etc) so were thrilled when Heidi from Lace & Co agreed to help out.

5E7A3456 5E7A3454 5E7A3452 5E7A3446 5E7A3439 5E7A3434 5E7A3423 5E7A2722 5E7A2720 5E7A2718 5E7A2716 5E7A2707 5E7A2699 5E7A2690 5E7A2687 5E7A2684 5E7A2683 5E7A2681 5E7A2678 5E7A2662 5E7A2659 5E7A2646 5E7A2635 5E7A2634 5E7A2632 5E7A2630 5E7A2628 5E7A2617 5E7A2612 5E7A2609 5E7A2602 5E7A2596 5E7A2591-Edit 5E7A2558

The morning of the shoot and you could not even see Rosedale as the mist was so thick, but we all carried on positive that at worst it would be a misty/romantic shoot!  Come 10am the sky was blue and we were all wishing we had shorts and t-shirts on!  

Everyone worked tirelessly for the whole day and we are all thrilled with the outcome of the shoot.

5E7A2548 5E7A2543 5E7A2519 5E7A2513 5E7A2509 5E7A2486 5E7A2479 5E7A2475 5E7A2469 5E7A2460 5E7A2456 5E7A2452 5E7A2445 5E7A2444 5E7A2441 5E7A2440 5E7A2435 5E7A2426 5E7A2418 5E7A2408 5E7A2399 5E7A2398 5E7A3252 5E7A3250 5E7A3240
5E7A3209 5E7A3187 5E7A3169 5E7A3166 5E7A3146 5E7A3117 5E7A3113 5E7A3105 5E7A3087 5E7A3086 5E7A3082 5E7A3073 5E7A3038 5E7A3030 5E7A3028 5E7A3024 5E7A3018 5E7A2995 5E7A2989 5E7A2988 5E7A2975 5E7A2960 5E7A2948 5E7A2936 5E7A2934 5E7A2931 5E7A2929 5E7A2928 5E7A2922 5E7A2921 5E7A2919 5E7A2915 5E7A2911 5E7A2903 5E7A2898 5E7A2895 5E7A2892 5E7A2865 5E7A2864 5E7A2862 5E7A2855 5E7A2853 5E7A2849 5E7A2847 5E7A2846 5E7A2841 5E7A2839 5E7A2835 5E7A2833 5E7A2826 5E7A2817 5E7A2795 5E7A2792 5E7A2777 5E7A2770 5E7A2768 5E7A2765 5E7A2763 5E7A2756 5E7A2753 5E7A2750 5E7A2749 5E7A2739 5E7A2735 5E7A2734 5E7A2731 5E7A2729 5E7A2726 5E7A2724

Photographer – Natalie Pluck  www.nataliepluck.com

Cake – Sonia Peirson http://www.cupcakedelight.org/

Accessories – What Katie Did Next http://what-katy-did-next.co.uk/

Menus/Placecards – Knots and Kisses http://www.knotsandkisses.co.uk/

BM Dresses – Kate Fearnley http://www.katefearnleyboutique.co.uk/

Makeup – Laura McGurk http://www.lauramacmakeup.com

Hair – Katie Walton www.watkins-wright.co.uk

Flowers – Darling & Green http://darlingandgreen.co.uk/

Food / Venue / Car – Milburn Arms http://www.milburnarms.com/

Ceremony / Hand Fasting- Kings Celebrant Services http://www.kingscelebrantservices.com/

Brides Dresses – Lace & Co http://www.laceandco.com/

Menswear – Affleck & Moffat http://www.affleckmoffat.co.uk/

Ring Bearer Owl – Talon Falconry birds of prey centre  Www.talon-falconry.co.uk

Models: Bride – Lily Hartley Groom: Charlie Gledhill Bridesmaids: Bethany Watson, Alice Cheetham, Holly Wood & Hattie Freer

Horses kindly provided by Jenny Foster & Sweets: Helmsley Traditional Sweet Shop


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