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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_041

What a way to start the week! Miranda looks like bridal perfection in this stunning Vera Wang gown. Their whole day looks gorgeous and Taitlands is a cracking Northern venue. I have been a big fan of Holly’s for a while so it is lovely to finally blog some of her gorgeous work, makes it even better than she is based in Yorkshire.

Photography by Belle and Beau

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_001 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_002The BrideDress – Vera Wang, It’s called Lark, when I went to Vera Wang with my mum I never thought I would end up getting a dress from there, the lady in the shop suggested I try it on, and as soon it was on that was it, I knew it was the one for me.

Accessories –  I wore a vanilla sash from Vera Wang that I had embellished by Lou Lou Puchalka (louloupuchalka.com), she also made my headpiece, they were both absolutely gorgeous and worked really well with the dress.

Shoes –  I wore some embellished sandals from Dune.

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_003 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_004 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_005 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_006 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_007The Hair and MakeupI wore my hair down with loose curls and pulled round to one side- curtesy of LivHair (from harrogate), my makeup was quite natural with a bit more on the eyes this was done by Danni Alexandra.

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_008 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_009 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_010 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_011 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_012 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_013The FlowersMy flowers were absolutely stunning, very girly with various shades of pink in big blouse blooms (peonies, roses and hydrangeas). I loved my bouquet it was gorgeous. Flowers were by Erica Berry 

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_014 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_015 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_016 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_017 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_018 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_019 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_020 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_021 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_022The Venue Taitlands – Yorkshire Dales

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_023 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_024 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_025 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_026 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_027 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_028 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_029 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_030 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_031 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_032 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_033The GroomAdam wore a dark grey Hugo Boss 3 piece suit with a d&g white shirt, I was really nervous about walking down the aisle and being very emotional as I had been all morning without my dad there, but as soon as I saw Adam smiling at me my nerves disappeared.

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_034 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_035 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_036The PhotographerI came across Belle and Beau Photography on a wedding blog and I just fell in love with the pictures and the moments that had been captured. When I got in touch and spoke to Holly she was so laid back and friendly that I knew I wanted her to photograph my wedding, and I’m so pleased with the pictures they’re amazing and really captured the whole atmosphere of the day.

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_037 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_038 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_039 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_040 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_042The BridesmaidsMy gorgeous bridesmaids wore floor length Dessy dresses in a slate grey colour, each one had a slightly different style to suit them. The groomsmen wore next suits in a dark grey, with white shirts and a pink tie.

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_043 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_044The FavoursWe made pink starburst vodka in small apothecary bottles for favours

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_045 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_046The DecorFor the rest of the decor, the main thing was the trees I decorated with flowers which formed an arch for the ceremony and then we’re used to decorate around the dance floor, we had giant lit up letters with our initial, lots of pink Pom poms that I made with the help of my mum and one of my bridesmaids, and some small vases and candles to decorate the entrance.

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_047 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_048 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_049 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_050 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_051 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_052 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_053 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_054 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_055 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_056 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_057 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_058 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_059 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_060 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_061 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_062 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_063 Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_064The CakeI helped design my cake which was made by my mother in law Karen, it was a gorgeous 5 tiered cake decorated with lace, flowers and leaves. Working from the bottom up there was carrot, lemon, chocolate, Madeira and fruit! It was absolutely delicious.

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_065The EntertainmentDuring the ceremony we had a string quartet who were fab, they played their version of Halo as I walked down the aisle, and continued to play throughout the drinks reception (simply strings). In the evening we had a 10 piece band play (groove allstars) they were amazing and really got the party going. The band played our first dance which was Ray LaMontagne- you are the best thing.

Belle and Beau- film-wedding-photographer-UK_066


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Emma Nunn //

Your pictures are amazing! Is there anywhere in Yorkshire to buy Vera Wang dresses?

Phoebe Miller //

sadly not, I think Browns Bride in London town is the only one. You may be able to get a preloved one somewhere in Yorkshire though. Beautiful right??