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We are with the wonderful Jay Archer this afternoon, discussing some common flowers and foliage available during a British summer time (most of which are also very easy to grow yourself!!) I know I may break some hearts, I know that as a blogger I am meant to live and breath peonies but, I actually prefer roses. I love their scent and colours. I am exceptionally fond of a peachy/pink or a delicate white, or a really big plump tea rose that smells of heaven.

It’s about this time of year that everything starts to go belly up. Flowers for events and weddings are set up and delivered just as normal, but anything outside of the wedding realm becomes too much to handle… updating blogs, orchestrating  a social life and, o yea, planning my own wedding! And so the reason for the lateness of ‘this’ months feature… about 6 weeks overdue. Sorry people. 

However, the ever patient Phoebe has welcomed us back to share our ‘what’s in season now’ guide for you, her lovely readers and, well, here we are! To be honest, I think it had a lot to do with the English roses below! 

June, July and August are the best month for British grown flowers, in my opinion. That’s not to say you can’t still get freesia and anemones in Winter, dahlia in Autumn and snowflakes and bulbs in Spring, but in Summer there’s just SO much choice- in both variety and colours, and the scent! Now that’s something you don’t often get with imported flowers. As well as sourcing from my usual suppliers Flowers by Clowance, I’m able to go and cut hydrangea from a grower in Winchester, as well as my own dahlia, smokebush, SLPs, poppy heads, Echinacea, chocolate cosmos and lavender… then there’s the mail ordered sweet peas from Sweet Peas Direct (although strictly speaking these are March-July), , cornflower, ammi and larkspur, amongst others, from PlantPassion and roses, oh the roses, from The Real Flower Company, grown in Sussex. To find your local growers, visit http://flowersfromthefarm.co.uk/- sort of like a British homegrown flower interflora, but without the corporate shiny stuff and the same old boring flowers… You may have read March’s report on British vs imported flowers but if not, catch up here.

Anyway, enough waffle. Allow me to allow the flowers to do the talking… 

A very small selection of flowers available right now:

Black Elderflower Chocolate Cosmo Cornflower Cotinus Crocosmia Dahlia Echinacea heuchera hollyhock Lavender Sweet Pea

English grown roses, from top to bottom… wish we had scratch n sniff screens!: 

augustalouise cafeaulait chandos creampiaget fredrick peonypink princessalex romanticantique unknown whiteohara

Do you have a favourite? Have you grown any of these?


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Rebecca D'Amato //

oooo this is great:) I am a peony lover but yes a HUGE rose lover!!!!! I had lots of pretty yummy ones at our big day. Love the post!

Jay Archer //

Loved creating your flowers Rebecca, thank you for having us at your wedding!! And thanks SYGM! x