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Morning all! You have a very cute London engagement shoot up later from Jonathan Ellis and tomorrow is a post that I am still not sure if I will publish as it is a bit of a personal topic, not just to me, but to other ladies. I guess you will find out tomorrow morning! 

But for now, we get to say hello to the blogs new advertisers Lindsey and Jenson Flowers. I always LOVE reading the q&a portions of this and I hope you do too. Their website isnt ready yet, I will tweet when it is but for now you can click on their facebook.

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Favourite Colour:

Sarah – Red

Geraldine – Blue

Favourite Film

Sarah – To Catch a Thief

Geraldine – God Father

Favourite Song

Sarah – Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves.  No matter where I am if I hear this I can’t help but get up and dance (badly)

Geraldine – Down by the River by Bruce Springsteen

Favourite Month

Sarah – August (it’s my birthday month)

Geraldine – April (it’s my birthday month too!)


Favourite Flower

Sarah – Peony

Geraldine – Ranunculus 

Favourite Drink

Sarah & Geraldine – Champagne

Favourite Food

Sarah – This is really hard… Anything anyone else has cooked!

Geraldine – Smoked Salmon or any simple comfort foods

Favourite Word

Sarah – Elliot – does that count? It’s my son’s name and I use it a LOT.. 

Geraldine – Yes!

Favourite Perfume

Sarah – Chanel Chance

Geraldine – Jo Malone

Justin & Simon 10 Year Wedding Blessing

Favourite Book

Sarah – Treasure Island

Geraldine – Little Women

Favourite Film Quote

Sarah – “death by stereo” – Lost Boys

Geraldine – “are you talking to me…?” Taxi Driver

Best bit of advice…

Sarah – My dad always use to say ‘Don’t worry, Be happy’

Geraldine – Always wear clean knickers as you never know when you may be in an accident!! Given to me by a photographer I used to work for.

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