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Photography by the wonderful Anneli Marinovich

Are you ready to fall in love with a shop? Reshmi should be glad that I haven’t visited yet because I will be going with tent and sleeping bag as I know I will not want to leave. Reshmi has been supplying the wedding industry with her delicious macarons for the past few years, I have tried them and they are delicious (you can also buy online). But now, there is a shop!

Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-8 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-9

London’s favourite artisan patisserie has launched its first boutique shop in the heart of Kensington. Anges de Sucre, famous for its decadent treats with a whimsical twist, has thrown open the doors of its brand new store for the first time, serving up a delightful menu of pillow-soft marshmallows, jewel-like macarons and a range of hot drinks to satisfy even the most discerning of caffeine lovers.

Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-10 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-11

The flagship macarons made famous by Anges de Sucre head up the menu, with plenty of old favourites like Raspberry Ripple and Damask Rose available to take away. In addition, there are also a range of hot drinks that make this patisserie the premier destination for indulgence. Guests are invited to sip delectable coffees roasted by Coutume in Paris, exclusive tea blends like Earl Vanille and Peachy Paisley, or head for the ultimate in decadence with a dark pure single origin hot chocolate, steamed with organic milk – pure bliss in organic liquid form!

Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-12 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-13 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-14 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-15 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-16 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-17

The ultimate mirror to take selfies!!! It has it’s own hashtag of #floralselfie

Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-18 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-19 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-20 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-21 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-22 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-23 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-24 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-25 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-26 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-27 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-28 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-29

If all this love and affection has gone in to bricks and mortar can you imagine how incredible it would be to have Reshmi’s macarons as part of your wedding?

Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-30 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-31 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-32 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-33 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-34 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-39 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-40 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-41 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-42 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-43 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-44 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-45 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-47 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-48 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-49 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-52 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-53 Anges-De-Sucre-Holland-Street-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-57
So? Will you be visiting?? If you do will you send me a picture?! Unbelievably jealous.

1 Holland Street, Kensington, London W8 4NA
Opening Hours
Weekday: 7:30am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 7 pm
Sunday: 11am – 5pm
anges de sucre



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Sarah //

I don’t think I’ve ever loved the outside of a shop as much as the inside! NEED to go in real life, it’s Instagram opportunity galore!

Lisa Butler //

It really is just THE prettiest place I’ve ever seen, and that’s before I’ve feasted my eyes on it in ‘real life’. Completely obsessed with every post Reshmi makes at the moment and just keep ‘like’, ‘like’ ‘liking’ everything! I have my first trip there this Saturday. Going for two rounds of drinks/macs/mallows just to sit in awe for longer! xx