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Morning!! I hope that the weather is kind to you today as it has been torrential up here since Monday morning. My day today will be spent cleaning, baking and cooking ahead of a dinner party tonight for a few of Michael’s work colleagues and partners. No idea what to cook yet but there will be Nigel Slater cake.

Today on the blog we have a styled shoot (get that pin finger ready). I know that some readers love a styled shoot and others don’t see the point, I personally love them. I think it gives suppliers a chance to show just what they can creatively do for you without the constraints of a couple.

Photography by Tiree Dawson

Tiree Dawson made such great points on her own blog about the merits of a styled shoot  and here it is in all its glory.This shoot is brimming with SO much inspiration, I am sorry for how many images there are but I really couldn’t choose. You will see why.

2 4 5I1A1320 5I1A1341 5I1A1361 5I1A1368 5I1A1377 5I1A1391 5I1A1414 5I1A1425 5I1A1437 5I1A1447 5I1A1470 5I1A1477 5I1A1545 5I1A1546 5I1A1549 5I1A1550 5I1A1553 5I1A1557 5I1A1561 5I1A1562 5I1A1564 5I1A1576 5I1A1584 5I1A1591 5I1A1605 5I1A1607 5I1A1610 5I1A1616 5I1A1622 5I1A1633 5I1A1637 5I1A1656 5I1A1669 5I1A1684 5I1A1698 5I1A1702 5I1A1707 5I1A1712 5I1A1725 5I1A1736 5I1A1757 5I1A1766 5I1A1770 5I1A1804 5I1A1806 5I1A1811 5I1A1814 5I1A1817 5I1A1840 5I1A1848 5I1A1877

Or perhaps a little boho will tickle your fancy? I genuinely don’t know which I prefer but let me know your favourite in the comments. Elegant or boho??

5I1A1888 5I1A1906 5I1A1920 5I1A1923 5I1A1935 5I1A1945 5I1A1965 5I1A1977 5I1A19805I1A2016 5I1A2019 5I1A2020 5I1A2024 5I1A2029 5I1A2030 5I1A2031 5I1A2046 5I1A2053 5I1A2055 5I1A2072 5I1A2087 5I1A2107 5I1A2120 5I1A2144 5I1A2153 5I1A2156 5I1A2171 5I1A2191 5I1A2199 5I1A2201 5I1A2204 5I1A2210 5I1A2214 5I1A2217 5I1A2227 5I1A2229 5I1A2232 5I1A2236 5I1A2238 5I1A2240 5I1A2244 5I1A2249 5I1A2256 5I1A2267 5I1A2286 5I1A2288 5I1A2289 5I1A2293 5I1A2294 5I1A2297 5I1A2302 5I1A2304 5I1A2307 5I1A2313 5I1A2315 5I1A2316 5I1A2317 5I1A2319 5I1A2323 5I1A2324 5I1A2326 5I1A2327 5I1A2328 5I1A2329 5I1A2340 5I1A2344 5I1A2349 5I1A2354 5I1A2361 5I1A2364 5I1A2372 5I1A2378

Venue: The Belsfield Hotel
Hair and Make Up Artists: The Hair Lounge and Beauty Rooms
Stylist: Emma Tebbey at One Lump or Two? Weddings & Events
Florist: Valerie Ann’s Florist
Dresses: Scarlett Ribbon
Co-ordination and additional styling: Megan at Typical Type
Models: Charlie, Izzy, Natalie and James


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