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Afternoon all, you may have noticed that occasionally I have been blogging about blogging (inception?) I plan on making this a proper page on the blog soon so all the posts are easy to find, but you can find everything so far here. Today I want to tell all those brides out there that you should be blogging too. You may not want a career out of it, you don’t have to be good at writing (I am case in point) and you may think “what would I write about?” but actually I know that you have a lot to say, and we all want to read it!

I know that the last thing you may be thinking of as a bride to be is extra work load but I think that once you get started you will love it. Getting started is a lot easier than you think. I’d recommend WordPress rather than Blogger. You don’t need to pay for anything unless you think you may want to take it full term, then your own domain is the way to go. Make sure you credit the images you use. Here are five reasons why you should start a wedding blog:

One – Document your planning journey

I love being able to look back at the early days of my planning, choosing suppliers, colours, venues, flowers etc. It is a great way of sharing your journey with those that ask afterwards and to update it with pictures of you wedding, knowing that whilst the internet is around you have your little wedding corner safely stored away.

Two – Meet fellow brides to be

If your blog is linked to twitter or bloglovin etc you will easily and quickly attract other brides and I think this was my favourite part of blogging (and still is). Brides lovveeee looking at other brides ideas, whether to steal or bitch, who cares. You will find brides in the same position as you whether its added weightloss, planning whilst pregnant, divorced family arrangements etc, you will connect with lots of other lovely bridal bloggers and share the ups and downs with them.

Three – Jot down ideas and gain feedback

Following on from that, you can blog your ideas and gain feedback. Is it doable? Is it costly? Has someone done it before? You have access to a wealth of knowledge all through your blog! You may also blog about something, see lots of other brides blogging about it and then change your mind a couple of months later. Perfectly natural and normal. (This happened to me regularly)

Four – Meet suppliers for your wedding

A lot of wedding suppliers love following brides, not only because they may be able to help them but it helps them keep in touch with the most important part of the industry and what may be en trend or lacking in certain sectors.You can quickly build a rapport with potential suppliers via your blog and twitter. You can also use our blog to put a call out for a certain supplier and leave details for them to contact you

Five – Perks

On top of all the other benefits, there may be an occasional perk. Potential suppliers may get in contact with your for reviews, you may get sent the occasional free item if you have expressed interest in it. You may be invited to events at potential wedding venues, the list is endless but they can crop up occasionally.

So what do you think? Will you start a wedding blog? You don’t have to feature real weddings, DIY, moodboards etc but if you want to then why not use your space to inspire other brides?

If you think you want to take your blogging a little more seriously here is what you will need to get started 


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Lucy //

I totally agree with everything you’ve written here. I started writing my blog because I wanted a record of our wedding planning. I get such a buzz when I receive comments either on my posts or on twitter. I love knowing that people are enjoying reading it! x

Deborah //

I can’t wait to see more of your blogging tips! I write about my wedding planning over on my lifestyle blog. It’s a way for me to get the ideas out of my head. Whether it’s ideas for table decorations or DIY invitations. I’m trying to do as much of the decorations myself so I’ll be featuring it all on my blog.

Debbie x