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Cakes and flowers. Not just any cakes, Peggy Porschen cakes. A name synonymous with exceptional quality and the best wedding cakes money can buy. Oh, and the taste. Out of this world. I remember scrapbooking about 3 or 4 of Peggy’s cakes for my own wedding but with my family owning their own bakeries, it would have been silly to turn down their generous offer. Peggy has just released her new Floral Collection and we were lucky enough to preview it. If you fancy sampling some of these delicious delicacies then you can head to the Peggy Porschen Parlour.


The blog received a beautiful invite to view and sample Peggy’s new Floral Cake Collection, were we going to turn that offer down? No. Emily was exceptionally excited to receive such an offer and I was exceptionally jealous. I also asked the wonderful London based photographer Kari Bellamy if she would do us the honour of photographing the cakes and flowers (created by the ever so talented Nikki Tibbles of Wild at Heart).

peggy-porschen-cakes- peggy-porschen-cakes-6958 peggy-porschen-cakes-6961 peggy-porschen-cakes-6981 peggy-porschen-cakes-6986

I’ve always found cake decorating fascinating.  I love watching the TV shows where they make cakes into a giant whimsical creation, like the tajma hall or to look like your favourite pet.  But what I find incredibly fascinating about Peggy’s Cakes is that they are just as extraordinary, but so refined and elegant.  When you first look at the cakes, you make the assumption that the flowers are real.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

peggy-porschen-cakes-6999 peggy-porschen-cakes-7015 peggy-porschen-cakes-7021 peggy-porschen-cakes-7024


The cake samples tasted amazing.  They had a new flavour called Salted
Caramel that pretty much made me consider re-doing my wedding so I
could have that cake.  (perhaps a birthday cake would be a much more
practical approach :))

peggy-porschen-cakes-7029 peggy-porschen-cakes-7045 peggy-porschen-cakes-7050 peggy-porschen-cakes-7057 peggy-porschen-cakes-7062 peggy-porschen-cakes-7066 peggy-porschen-cakes-7071 peggy-porschen-cakes-7078 peggy-porschen-cakes-7087 peggy-porschen-cakes-7096 peggy-porschen-cakes-7100 peggy-porschen-cakes-7117 peggy-porschen-cakes-7118 peggy-porschen-cakes-7126 peggy-porschen-cakes-7132 peggy-porschen-cakes-7137Emily and Peggy!

peggy-porschen-cakes-7141 peggy-porschen-cakes-7150 peggy-porschen-cakes-7178 peggy-porschen-cakes-7180 peggy-porschen-cakes-7184

 Images and wording by Kari Bellamy

Thank you so much for the invite, it really was such an honour to blog these. Make sure you have a look, or visit Peggy Porschen. You have to taste them really don’t you? Which is your favourite? The Peony Garland? Mine too. 


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Catharine //

Oh my, I adore the new collection especially the Sweet Peas! Peggy Porschen is a genius, her cakes are too pretty to eat!