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Afternoon all!

Following on from this post about why I blog. I thought I would write a short post on keeping motivated. Something that I found exceptionally hard to do, I saw other bloggers doing so well and wondering, why, after 6 months of blogging I wasn’t doing fantastically also. There are sooo many points I could have written, but I will be covering more of it in my blogging workshops (yeah more on this soon!) 

The first thing that you need to do, is stop comparing you and your blog to others. By all means, read other blogs and get inspiration but leave it at that. You don’t want to be a carbon copy, as a reader, we want you to be doing your own thing and only you can bring that. If they are the kind of person that spends their days (passively) bragging on Twitter or Facebook about their successes then just unfollow them. Good for them, but it will help you focus more I promise. Yes, we should celebrate our accomplishments but I know you know the sorts I am talking about.

Surround yourself with positive people. One of my New Years resolutions was to delete/unfollow miserable people. Now, I know we all have our down days, but some people take it on themselves to document it all. Whether its personal or business them seem to moan constantly, and I found that it would annoy me so much that whilst scrolling down Twitter I may miss out on great tweets, or inspiring photos so I just removed them. Positivity breeds positivity.

Make realistic goals and reward yourself accordingly. At the beginning of each month I write down everything I want to achieve for the following 30 days blog wise. I find goals like this easier to manage than “by Dec 2014 I will conquer the world”. So it may be “make connections with new suppliers, gain a new sponsor, increase stats by 15%, write a post a day” etc. When it comes to rewarding yourself, it would get quite pricey buying a new pair of shoes or a kitten each month on hitting your goals, so something small, but wonderful, even if its a celebratory dinner. I am always available for drinks. I buy make up. It brings me joy.


Believe you can do it. Gawddddd, I still struggle with this one. I still have days of “where is this all going” woes. Sometimes it just takes one thing to knock your confidence, one tweet will make you re-evaluate yourself and what you want from your blog. I try to embrace it now, when I have one of those days I just remind myself of how far I have come, what a lovely blog I have and what fantastic readers I get to interact with. I will then go for a walk, watch a film, read or bathe, take my mind of things then get back to it! It is very hard working on your own and for yourself. There is no monthly sales meeting telling you how well you have done, there is no yearly evaluation from your boss telling you your strengths and weaknesses. Its all you. And only you. Which really, is quite empowering.

Don’t focus on numbers. OMG this. When I first started I was obsessed with Google analytics and Twitter followers. I of course still care about my numbers as I  re-write my media pack every 4-6 months but I look at them a lot more objectively now. They aren’t a measure of how well you are doing, if you had one person click on your blog and find something helpful and useful, isn’t that better than 10 people that came and bounced straight off? Likewise, that 1 person that clicks could go on to recommend or buy something off the back of your blog, 20 people visiting may only stay to flick through a couple of posts. As for twitter followers, just stop giving a shit. If they are important to you then you will get them over time, just talk to people, interact, don’t push your blog posts every hour and be nice 🙂

So, dream big and just keep swimming!! It is haddddddrd work, but worthwhile. I have made some great friends through blogging and I hope to make many more over the next year. Do you have any motivational tips to add?



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Erin Balfour //

I was nodding and going ‘yep…yep…oh yes’ all the way through this. I unfollowed some braggers and cliquey types recently, and it meant I enjoyed Twitter again because I could see the wood for the trees: it was just all the positive, friendly, inspirational and supportive people on there. Unmuddied. And you’re so right about not obsessing about numbers. I think the one thing I’ve learned is you should really only blog about what you genuinely love. It totally always comes over in the post if it’s something that genuinely excites you. Which then attracts likeminded people who’ll interact on your same wavelength. Which then spurs you on again because it’s all so enjoyable. X

Phoebe //

Thank you! And yes, they can really put such a downer on things, I love people sharing exciting achievements but some go about it the wrong way!

Harriet Lowther //

Totally agree with Erin, some amazing points. Have just been reading Buddist Boot Camp, some real positive advice, such as concentrating and appreciating on where you are now, not focus on where you were, where you should be or what others are doing.

I completely and honestly agree with so much of what you’ve said, we have to take time out to congratulate ourselves ‘well done us’ *pats self on back*.

Great read Pheobe!

One of your many twitter followers and blog readers ;D The Zoots

Phoebe //

Thank you very much. I am all for a pat on the back. 🙂 It really is so important to not get bogged down in it all, can be so easily done and I know I have done it.

P x

Lucy //

This is really helpful and inspiring. My blog is only a month old and I am in the stage where every new twitter follower makes me a little bit more obsessed! And don’t get me started on Google analytics. I started my blog because I wanted to share my love for weddings and document my planning. Your post has helped me to remember this 🙂

Phoebe //

Hey Lucy! Oh I totally get the twitter thing, Like I said, it is much better writing as if it is just for one person, your best friend,than for hundreds. I find the writing is always more sincere.

Plus, I love your blog 🙂 x

Nathan @ Artemis Stationery //

Yes social media can eat away at you, worse is that so much of it is inflated that you end up feeling lousy for comparing your glass half empty view of your own business with what would qualify as an audition to be a political spin doctor from another.