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Someone asked me the other day why I blog. I didn’t quite know what to say at first. My answer was that I enjoy it, I love sharing wedding related goodness and I enjoy the community surrounding it. Their follow up question was “so have you always wanted to be a writer?”. 

“Well no, and I am not one now”. I hated English at school, I was rubbish. Whilst I had no problem with reading aloud in class or the performance side of English, I hated the writing aspect. I am not very good. I write how I speak and quite often grammatically fumble my way through blog posts. I love reading, and I am always trying to better my vocabulary, if I hear a word I don’t know I will google it, or note it down for later.

Writing and blogging are two completely different things and I would never refer to myself as a writer, I feel it insults the truly captivating way in which writers absorb you in to their story or life. I blog. I waffle for 500 words and hope that I have made a point. Usually I haven’t but I like to think you forgive me of that. And I think this is why I love blogging, because there is a sense of imperfection about it.


I blog because I love weddings, I love sharing weddings, I love sharing suppliers and home grown British talent. I like sharing my life and I like that others share with me. Some bloggers are total pretentious dicks, I just ignore them. I don’t compare my blog to others. I try to learn as much as I can each day. I look for inspiration outside of the industry I work in. I genuinely get so bashful when someone says that they like my blog, or that they have been reading since the beginning. It makes everything all worthwhile.

If you have just started a blog or are considering it then I definitely would encourage you to do so. Here are a few tips; buy a domain, try and nail your branding first time (though there will always be future tweaks), write to be helpful but keep your voice, promote others, don’t over-think things, set your own blogging schedule, don’t do it for the money, there is room for everyone, create your niche, believe in yourself, and enjoy it as it will be reflected in your blog posts.

Get out there and blog!


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Lucy //

This is really encouraging. I’ve just started my blog, and for the same reasons as you that I just love weddings! I also love the idea that I will be able to read my story back and remember the journey from Miss to Mrs! I look forward to reading your blog for more advice 🙂

Phoebe //

I agree, I still love looking back at some of my pre Mrs blog posts. I hope you have a lovely journey blogging. It is exceptionally rewarding 🙂

Lynne Burns //

I find your blog so easy to read because of your natural way of writing and because your love for the industry shines through.

Erin Balfour //

I loved this post. You say you’re not a writer, but you totally are, and you have that enviable knack of writing how you speak, really naturally and chatty like, which makes people want to read what you say. Not many people can do that! I say you’re a blooming fab writer and you don’t realise it! I’m guilty of skimming posts, but I read every word of this one because it was written as if you were chatting with me. It’s a skill loads of ‘writers’ just don’t have.

Also loved the pretentious dicks bit!! Very true.


Annabel //

I love this and can totally relate. I don’t consider myself a writer either (even though I’ve had a book published!). I just LOVE to share weddings and wedding things in my own way. I too believe I fumble through and I know that at times my writing can be clunky (I cringe sometimes when I go back and read an old post). I’m so self critical when it comes to my own ability to write, and, being surrounded by several aspiring authors who *are* bloody good at writing kind of keeps me in my place, though encourages me too. I took a step back from writing business, life and from the heart style posts over the past 18 months, mostly because every spare minute I had, I was focussing on my book. A strange byproduct of having published and promoted my first book is that I was left with an unexpected lack of confidence in my own writing ability. I’m planning on over coming this by writing new style content for my blog (which I’ll be doing when we launch the new blog in a few weeks). Anyway, I think you have an engaging way of writing, as I probably do to, to many others (despite the clunkiness!) and I suspect a lot of that comes from writing about what we love. It’s genuine, and authentic, and that passion will be reflected in the words we choose xx