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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

So much love for this wedding, and I was so saddened to hear of Sian and Manuel’s news just days afterwards. Hannah contacted me to say that sadly they had been burgled 4 days after the wedding and everything had been taken, including funds from the wedding for their honeymoon (and first family holiday). I really hope they can get away as it is so important to have that downtime after a wedding.

Bad news aside, their wedding was just pure magic. Utterly relaxed, full of cake, bunting and good times. Their son Austin walked Sian down the aisle, and Phoebe (excellent name) the flowergirl looks adorable!!! And I think this is the first wedding I have blogged sans flowers?! It also just goes to show that we can do outdoor weddings just as well as our American friends.


Photography by Hannah May


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Venue:  Ratsbury Barn, Tenterden Kent

Wedding photographer – Hannah May Photography

Flowers – Brooch bouquet made by myself, wedding party made by myself using faux peonies from Debenhams

Bride’s dress /shoes – dress by a family friend, shoes irregular choice

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – hair piece by Blue Ted’s Ticket

Bride’s hair /makeup- did myself with Benefit products

Bridesmaids’/dresses/shoes/accessories – adult bridesmaid BHS dress, flowergirl dress KiKi USA

Groom’s outfit/accessories/shoes – Marks and Spencer Suit, George at Asda shirt and tie, Twisted Soul shoes

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories – Marks and Spencer trousers, George shirt and tie

Cake – CupKates (folkestone, kent)

DJ/entertainment – band Uncle Monty

Stationery – Pegs and Pearls

Décor/wedding details – mostly by Rosebud Vintage Tea, some brought from various sources by us dunelm plaques, vintage tin from a flea market etc

Catering/food/drink – Rosebud Vintage Tea

Wedding favours – made by ourselves (the groom’s project)

Honeymoon Destination – none as we got burgled 4 days later and  all the funds were taken, so no familymoon for us (had planned Tunisia as our first ever family holiday)


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