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Good morning all! This was meant to have been on the blog yesterday but I messed up and WordPress decided to resize every image inserted, I put the laptop down and next thing I knew it was dinner time. Naughty blogger.

Inspired by their love of Autumn, this wedding is sprinkled with autumnal leaves and hues, all wrapped up in a gorgeous lace vintage bow. The bride decided to wear her Grandmothers 1960s wedding dress, it suits her so so well! I also love the addition of fabric leaves being added to the flower girls dress, so cute, and such a great seasonal idea.

Photography by James Grist

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Photographer – We chose James Grist because he has been a fanily friend for a few years. He had previously taken photos of our children and family and we have always found him very professional as well as laid back and easy to get a long with. Having seen some of his wedding albums we liked how James has an eye to capture small details and natural shots of friends and family
Venue –  St Edmunds Church in Dartford. It used to be the Bride and Groom’s parish church and they still attend regularly. The bridal party had photos at Hextable Heritage gardens due to the lovely scenery. The reception venue was the Alexandra suite in Swanley.

Flowers – (Will find out!)
Brides Dress –  The dress was designed her Grandmother as well and was worn on her wedding to her late husband in April 1960. The dress was then altered by the Mother of the Groom who took the dress up, replaced zip at the back and added a ribbon belt.
Grooms Attire – The Groom was very keen to embrace the vintage feel and, not satisfied with the options available on the high street or local tailors he designed his own suit using ‘i-tailor.com‘. He chose chocolate brown with mustard pinstripe.
Grooms and Bestman’s Shoes – also designed by the groom on i-tailor complete with personalised engraving on the underside.
Bridesmaids – The Bride chose both her sisters to be maids of honour. They wore chocolate brown tafetta dresses from a discount online store called, ‘Varditchy Bridesmaid Dresses‘. They did each others hair and wore simple silver jewellery and flower fascinators.
Shoes – Poetic License – ‘Faithfully Yours’.
Flowergirls –  Dresses were from BHS and called ‘Flora’. However the bride made her own adaptations by removing the original champagne sash and corsages and making her own belts using chocolate brown ribbon, petals in the bottom half of the dresses were replaced with silk autumn leaves from amazon. The baskets were wrapped in ribbon and matching silk leaves added for them to scatter down the aisle. The shoes were from Next and simple pearl headbands from Claire’s.
Favours – designed and made by the Groom and both the Bride and Groom made the table plan, using the shape of an autumn tree as inspiration
Cake – The very beautiful and unusual cake was made by the Grooms sister and a family friend. Each layer was a different flavour.

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