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Afternoon! I hope that you have that Friday feeling? Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? Next week the blog is jam packed with real weddings, dogs and a new vlog. Today I thought that I would be helpful for once. Whilst my writing is usually doused with wry wit, I can actually be of some use, sometimes. This post was conjured up from a happy place, I received an excellent submission, and whilst I won’t divulge all their secrets I will give you a few tips on submitting to blogs. I know that it can be very time consuming and I know that sometimes it might seem a little scary so I hope this post helps.

What’s in a name?


I delete any email that starts “To soyouregettingmarried” or “sir/madame”. I also delete any email that starts with the name of another blogger. I don’t mind when my name is wrong ie Pheobe rather than Phoebe because at least my name is there. Just take the time to research the bloggers name, and if you can’t find it on the blog then check facebook/twitter for it. Often, it is in the email address. It really makes a difference.

Think of your email like a CV

No we don’t need to know your recent employers, but we would like to know a little about you, your company, and images of your goods/skills are a must. As are working hyper-links. You want to stand out and grab our interest. We spend our day reading through emails, sorting through images and writing. It is lovely when an email comes in from someone who’s passion is evident and brimming with beautiful imagery. Make sure you also put a helpful description in the subject of your email.

Also be honest and disclose if you are featuring on another blog, there is nothing worse than publishing the exact same content as someone else.

Research the blog

Whilst you don’t want to come across as an arse-licker, it is always nice to know that the person submitting actually reads the blog or follows on twitter. It is sooo evident when PR emails come through saying “I loved the post on real weddings in Yorkshire” that they have never actually read the blog. Compliments towards Atticus will always get you brownie points. It also makes your email easy to remember “oh I need to email back Lucy, the one who likes floral gums too”. It is always important to build a connection and good rapport, especially if you want to work together again. You will also know if there is a cost involved in a feature. I don’t charge for posts on my blog but I know that some do.

For photographers

I guess because you submit a lot it does not surprise me that the best submitters are photographers. A note to those looking to submit for the first time, keep it simple. Include 10 or so images as a taster and a little intro to you and the couple, entice us with exciting details of the day.

Once your submission has been accepted 

Think of your submission as a gift box with lots of goodies inside. When it comes to sending everything over (usually through dropbox) make sure you:

– have all the images the right size for the blog (mine are 470px wide)

– the images are named and in order (use something like Your Name Venue/Product 001, think SEO)

– label your dropbox as your company name so it is easy to find, there are quite a few in there!

– include the questionnaire/press release in the dropbox

-don’t send toooo many images. Ask how many the blogger likes if you are unsure.

If your submission wasn’t successful please don’t take it to heart, there are so many blogs, one will be right for you. I will always direct the submission to somewhere I feel it will be more appropriate so that your time isn’t wasted.

Follow up

After your feature has gone up, send a little email with a thank you, plus any questions, requests or even helpful criticisms. Make the most of social media and spam the crap out of everyones timelines including everyone that was involved. We will also be doing the same for you. This will hopefully leave you both in good stead and familiar with each others processes for your next collaboration.

If you have anything to add that may be helpful please do not hesitate to leave a comment! Hope this was helpful?!

Have a lovely weekend.

P x

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