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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Good morning all. I hope the start to your week has gone ok. How about a pretty wedding in the engilsh countryside to make it a bit better? I pride myself on showcasing the best our beautiful island has to offer. Today we are in the Kent countryside with the most beautiful, smiley bride you ever did see.

Photography by James Grist 

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Wedding photographer – James Grist Photography
Flowers – Amelia Lily
Bride’s dress /shoes – Justin Alexander – Perfection in Maidstone
Next for shoes
Bride’s hair accessories/veil – Perfection
Bride’s hair /makeup – Zara Asadi
Bridesmaids’/dresses/shoes/accessories – Dresses – Coast | Shoes – Next
| Jewellery – Store 21
Groom’s outfit/accessories/shoes – Cameron Ross | Cufflinks – Amazon
Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories –

Cufflinks – Amazon

Cake – Lana May
DJ/entertainment – Damien sound waves
Stationery – Home made
Décor/wedding details – Home made and bought from various places
Catering/food/drink – Knowle Country House
Wedding favours – Home made
Honeymoon Destination – Bali

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