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Good afternoon all! I have spent the morning doing blog admin. It is always a lot more time consuming than I think. Usually when I get sent a supplier submission, there are usually 10 images or so then some lovely blurb about the service or product. Well when Susie emailed me images of Knot & Pop‘s launch I knew I wouldn’t be able to whittle it down after seeing that the legendary Ed Peers was behind the photography.

Knot & Pop are wedding and event planners, and stylists. I am in love with their eclectic styling, they are super modern and exceptionally fresh. I wish they offered interior styling as I would love for Susie and Claire to style my house! Make sure you have a look at their planning portfolio and most excitingly, what they offer to hire for your own wedding. Whether its American blue mason jars or apple crates from France they have it all covered. They will also source items for you. Perfect hey?

Susie&Moss_001 Susie&Moss_003 Susie&Moss_006 Susie&Moss_010 Susie&Moss_011 Susie&Moss_012 Susie&Moss_013 Susie&Moss_015 Susie&Moss_016 Susie&Moss_021 Susie&Moss_024 Susie&Moss_028 Susie&Moss_036 Susie&Moss_038 Susie&Moss_039 Susie&Moss_046 Susie&Moss_047 Susie&Moss_048 Susie&Moss_049 Susie&Moss_052 Susie&Moss_055 Susie&Moss_056 Susie&Moss_057 Susie&Moss_064 Susie&Moss_065 Susie&Moss_069 Susie&Moss_070 Susie&Moss_072 Susie&Moss_073 Susie&Moss_075 Susie&Moss_077 Susie&Moss_080 Susie&Moss_083 Susie&Moss_088 Susie&Moss_092 Susie&Moss_094 Susie&Moss_111 Susie&Moss_115 Susie&Moss_119 Susie&Moss_134 Susie&Moss_135 Susie&Moss_146 Susie&Moss_151 Susie&Moss_153 Susie&Moss_155 Susie&Moss_156 Susie&Moss_160 Susie&Moss_172 Susie&Moss_179 Susie&Moss_199 Susie&Moss_215 Susie&Moss_219 Susie&Moss_374 Susie&Moss_394 Susie&Moss_395 Susie&Moss_397 Susie&Moss_402 Susie&Moss_416 Susie&Moss_445 Susie&Moss_474 Susie&Moss_608 Susie&Moss_613 Susie&Moss_626 Susie&Moss_642 Susie&Moss_694


www.knotandpop.comphotography by Ed Peers 


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