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Good morning! What a glorious weekend we had! Well, I hope you did?Perfect wedding weather that was for sure. My instagram feed was full of sunny afternoon strolls, BBQs, and lots of bare legs. My little patch of garden has come alive with stocks, the smell is heavenly. I am now waiting eagerly for the lupin, delphiniums, nigella and cornflowers to come forth in all their splendour. Do I sound like a retired pensioner? 

I found out this weekend that Michael hates picnicking. He does not care for eating outdoors or sitting on the floor. Live and learn.

Back to weddings…today on the blog, a gorgeous cherish the dress. Mishka was one of Lizzie’s brides back in April. They decided to get together and recreate a different look with her beautiful Augusta Jones dress. Very vintage and very beautiful.

Photography by Lizzie Haines

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Photographer: Lizzie Haines 
Bride: Mishka Clarke
Dress: ‘Caroline’ by Augusta Jones
Bridal Shop: Martin Charles Bridal Gallery, Oundle
Shoes: Second hand from ebay
Lipstick: Bobbi Brown shade ‘Crimson’ (no.16)
Makeup Artist: Abi Corby
Location: The Falcon Hotel, Uppingham


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Liz aka Wedfest //

I love this dress!
Also love Uppingham, well I would, it’s where I grew up…
Never looked as glam as this bride does while having my pint in the Falcon though!